You will need
  • washing powder;
  • is a special product for cleaning washing machines;
  • - citric acid;
  • - vinegar;
  • soda;
  • filter on the water supply;
  • consultation with a specialist in the repair of washing machines and professional cleaning machines.
Get rid of the smell in a washing machine sometimes it helps simply to change detergents. Buy quality washing powder from trusted shop. If you use children's facility, read the instructions: some manufacturers recommend to sprinkle the powder directly into the drum on the clothes, not in the tray. Soap powders and thick softener dryer can also become the cause of bad breath from cavities cars, as they are not washed off till the end and become a breeding ground for fungi.
Add full dose of washing powder in the tray and scroll through the machine idle in the "boiling" or set a maximum temperature range of 90 degrees, depending on existing programs of your household appliances. Drain the water, spin but not turn. Good to spend some rinsing, after which all accessible surfaces should be wiped away and a good airing on the washing machine. Often 1-3 such procedures is enough to get rid of unpleasant odors.
Buy in store household chemicals antibacterial liquid and special descaler for washing machines. Please act according to your instructions. Usually a detergent is poured into the drum, and a washing machine is scrolled without underwear. Such cleaning should be carried out every six months.
Use some popular methods to get rid of the smell washing machines. For example, good results are obtained by scrolling an empty machine with one water and a small amount of oxalic or citric acid. Pour the prepared solution in a tray for detergent and let the washing programme runs for at least 30 minutes.
If these cleansing machine-gun did not help you, specialist. Cause of trouble may be a bad water smell of sewage, and a competent plumber will quickly provide you with the necessary filter on the water supply to the washing machine. To avoid stagnation of water (another possible reason for "flavors"), it is necessary to check whether the drain hose. Finally, may need special work on cleaning the machine: replace the heating element and the pipe, cleaning the filter and the inner surface of the drum. Some people make it their own. The mold, discovered on the walls, effectively removed using a water solution of baking soda or vinegar.