The stages of purification of the dishwasher

The first stage – the cleaning of the filter. It is located at the bottom of the dishwasher. A large amount of food waste accumulates there, and over time they begin to decompose. The second stage is the cleansing of the atomizer. It can also get leftover food, so you need to carefully clean the holes of spray.

The third step – cleaning doors, pipes and sump. Pieces of food can get to the door in hinges. The pan pipes and the door cleaned with a degreasing fluid. If food waste has hardened enough to pour the liquid and leave for a few minutes, then sponge to remove dirt. The fourth stage is the washing with the cleaner. To add to the dishwasher a special cleaner, then turn it on full cycle of dishwashing.

Cleansing and prevention

Caustic liquid containing acid and alkali, various bleaches are not suitable to get rid of dishwasher odor. Aggressive cleaning products can damage metal parts of the machine to cause corrosion and shorten the life of equipment, and the smell will never go away. Sources of bad smell are bacteria. Food residues accumulate in the filter in the sprayer, the lower edge of the door and be a wonderful breeding ground for microorganisms.

Cleaning of all working parts of the dishwasher takes place using a soft cloth dampened with liquid dishwashing or soap-soda solution. Removable filter for thorough washing can get out of the car. The atomizer most "problematic" area – orifice, which can get stuck food residues. Pay special attention to the bottom edge of the doors and the pallet. There is accumulated the most food waste. Be sure to implement the last step is to install the machine on a full cycle without dishes but with a special disinfectant.

To further prevent odor simply. Moist environment is a great factor for bacteria, so after washing it is recommended to ventilate the dishwasher, that is, just let her stand a while with the door open. As the adsorbing means, which perfectly absorbs moisture and odors, you can use regular baking soda. From time to time put into the car a little soda, and the result will not keep itself waiting.