Cleaning of the drum of the washing machine – basic rules

The drum washing machine includes not only the metal case but the plastic cover, glass and rubber bezel. The means for washing the inner surface of the washing machine, you must choose from those that can be applied to all these types of materials.

Even the mould should not resort to means that are used to clean the toilet – with a content of hydrochloric and other strong acids. They can lead to the destruction of plastic and rubber parts and reduced service washing machine.

Citric acid

Universal folk remedy for cleaning of the drum is the usual citric acid. 100 g of product required to fill a compartment for powder and a standard mode at a temperature above 60 degrees to scroll one full cycle. To simplify cleaning allows the subsequent inclusion of a mode the rinse and spin cycle – so from the linen compartment is removed the excess moisture.

This method allows not only to clean the drum from the inside, but also to cope with the scale formed on the heating elements.


Another tool that allows you to carry out hygiene cleaning washing machine – regular bleach. It must be poured directly into the drum and run time of the wash cycle.

This method is suitable for removing plaque, eliminate odor and prevent fungal deposits on the inner surface of the rubber rim. It is recommended that you clean the drum with bleach about 1 time a quarter.


Of all acids, suitable for cleaning the washing machine, the most gentle – acetic. Its impact is aimed at the fungus and mold that develop on the gum. To achieve maximum penetration of the acid in the affected area, you need 1 Cup of vinegar poured directly into the drum, to hold a one-hour wash cycle and leave for half an hour. During this time, acid remaining after washing, get inside fungal tissue. Next, you need again to spend hour cycle to remove any residual dirt is removed.