You will need
  • Heavy paper, glue, paint
Measure the head circumference on a line 2-3 cm above the ears.
Take a thick sheet of paper or a sheet of thin cardboard, which when bent will break, but will be quite solid. Draw a rectangle, the longest side of which is equal to the measured head circumference plus 1 cm for gluing, and the second must be equal to 15 cm.
Divide the long side into five equal parts mark these points on both sides and swipe through them parallel lines. Along the long lines mark one inch (5-7 cm from it. This narrow tape will be the future rim of the crown.
Draw the teeth of the crown arbitrary form – it can be just triangles of the same size or shaped teeth in the form of French Royal lilies. Don't forget that 1 cm you have the length for bonding the crown and not consider it in their calculations. Cut out the crown on the resulting contour and glue it at the back seam.
Dry the glued seam and cover it with gold paint. If such paint is not, then the crown can be covered with foil or painted with ordinary water color paints yellow. To make it look like gold, the yellow paint add a little brown, it will give it a touch of precious gold.
Dry the paint and then razreshite the crown in accordance with their notions of Royal splendour. In order for it to meet them, and on its surface can be pasted different beads, rhinestones and sequins that you can buy in stores for needlework.
Start solemn coronation, I hope the measurements right, and she will not sit on the Royal ears, and will be proud to show off in forehead lines.