Make it a rule any login to check for priority. For this fit an ordinary search engine. To be sure that you came up with yourself a nickname first, use to search for participants online resources with similar nicknames alternately several search engines. Aliases, which, as it turned out, someone had come up to you, ruthlessly reject, and invent new ones instead.
Think of possible nicknames, consisting of two words. With one word, it is difficult to ensure uniqueness and aliases of three or more words, some engines forums and other Internet resources will not be accepted. But coming up with a name for Bluetooth or WiFi device, be, in contrast, are extremely laconic. Moreover, the length of the name of such a device is limited, those who will connect to it, this identifier is, in addition, may not display as designed. In addition, the WiFi standard, unlike Bluetooth, does not include Cyrillic names.
By the way, the use of Cyrillic characters in nicknames. If you happen to be abroad, with the alias in the local Internet cafe, you simply will not be able to log into my favorite forum. However, the use of a virtual keyboard eliminates this problem, but they are very uncomfortable.
The main psychological requirement to nick - to bring positive, associated with positive images. Your alias must pre-configure the source to communicate with you in an appropriate manner. But this is not enough. In addition to the psychological, to nick are also aesthetic requirements. He is obliged to be harmonious, beautiful.
Very few people like, when it Nike interlocutors make mistakes - accidentally or intentionally and when it incorrectly decline for case. Coming up with an alias, try to reduce the likelihood of such distortions to zero.
But what if your nick someone liked and was taken over? Do not worry and do not enter in conflict with the "plagiarist." Indeed, in this case you will still be the first one who came up with such an original alias.