You will need
  • Time;
  • desire;
  • Internet connection.
Write your wish about the removal of questionnaire in the feedback form on the website. Perhaps you will be one of the lucky few who managed to go beyond this step.
Enter "circle of friends" and leave a request to delete your page. In some cases it works. If you are not removed for several days, proceed to the next step.
Copy the link to your profile in "My address", and then write a support letter on "Delete page". In the body of the email paste the copied link. Usually in this case, the registration shall be canceled within days. One condition the letter should be written with the address specified during registration.
Try sending a formal letter. Write in the subject the word "Application" and in the body of the email the following text: "Statement. Please remove my page from a social network "Circle of Friends". Below mark the date and send a mail to the site administrator mailbox specified during registration. By law, official statements can not remain without answer or solution. Typically, this method acts very quickly.
Create any free email server Inbox. Then change the data of their profiles. Write a fictitious first name, surname, age, country, city and school. In account settings select "Change e-mail". As a new mailing address, specify that you just created. This method will not help you to remove form, but is committed to ensuring that its owned by a fictional person. But at the same time will save you from Intrusive mailing on behalf of the site administration.