You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - filling a special form
If the service was paid, fill in the form to refuse the services of the website. This is to ensure that you have not accumulated debt after leaving your site forever. You may have to wait some time response confirm the deletion of your profile.
If the service was provided free of charge, all cash transactions was conducted on a prepaid basis, (for example, in the form of paid-for sms messages), the page can be deleted immediately.
Go to your account settings. Below all listed on the settings page should be button "to refuse the services of the website" or "delete profile". Clicking on it, you will see a window with a warning that the account will be deleted or blocked at any time. If you firmly believe in your solution, you will be prompted to press the OK button. On some sites you will have to enter a reason for your withdrawal from the service.
If the Dating website doesn't allow you to delete the personal page, modify the questionnaire so that it no longer fit you. Remove all pictures, edit data and e-mail address to non-existent, in short, make it impossible to recognize or identify you. Uncheck all boxes with options for other users to browse and search for your profile. Usually after a certain time of inactive profiles deleted by the site administration.
If none of the above methods did not work, just go, "slamming the door". Send a lot of people spam emails and be sure, soon your account will be blocked or deleted. But the chances are very small that you have to go to such extreme measures. Most online Dating sites profile can be deleted by clicking the corresponding button in the settings page.