Advice 1: How to make delicious coffee in a regular drip coffee maker

Drip coffee maker allows you to cook a whole pot of tea, which is good for those who do not have time to constantly prepare himself another Cup. But it has one drawback: the taste of coffee in these coffee makers are quite common, that is in the cooking process.
How to make delicious coffee in a regular drip coffee maker

American coffee maker

Drip coffee makers, the Europeans often referred to as "American" because Americans invented to prepare a large thermos of coffee in the morning and drink it throughout the day, not privrednika about the flavor and aroma.

The principle of operation of this coffee maker is extremely simple: in a special container filled with cold water, usually the tank volume is about 1 liter. The coffee maker features a cone filter in there you need to fill up the ground coffee. Then, the maker closes. Now you need to turn it on, water heats up and goes through a tube to the filter. Passing through the midst of the beans, it is brewed and transformed into a coffee beverage, which flows in drops the coffee pot.

Once all the water from the tank will flow into the coffee maker, many coffee makers will automatically go into heating mode. That is why coffee from a drip coffee you can drink in a long time: it remains aromatic and hot for hours.

The taste of coffee

Drip coffee maker usually involves very few settings to control the taste of the resulting beverage, so to get the best result for which it is capable, will have to resort to some tricks.

First, it is the strength of the drink. It depends not only on how much coffee you poured into the filter and poured much water (although it is also very important), but also on how quickly the water passes through the coffee grounds. The more intense this happens, the less strong and rich it turns out the drink, but coffee is prepared very quickly. If you want to get more intense and bright flavor, use a drip coffeemaker at minimum capacity. Sometimes the power is not regulated, so this should pay attention when choosing the device.

Second, buy a good grade of freshly roasted coffee. No matter how you cook really tasty and fresh coffee, it will still be good in almost any device. In the end, the taste of the bean is always the determining factor. So do not skimp on high-quality varieties or mixes that your friends will only wonder how you manage to cook so divine drink in such a simple coffee maker. Also, use the manufacturer's recommended grinding is very important.

Third, buy good water. Coffee is a drink, and it mostly consists of water. Do not take water from the tap, use bottled special. It is best to conduct a tasting of different varieties of water to select the best option, the best choice. When pour water into the tank, slightly lift the bottle up and pour in a thin stream so that it is saturated with oxygen: it is very important for good taste coffee.

Another tip that not everyone may come to mind, but for some it will be a real discovery: use of condiments and spices. For example, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, vanilla and coriander – each of these seasonings goes well with coffee and changes the taste.

Advice 2: Aromatic coffee in the drink or not to drink?

Good or bad coffee? Today opinions about this drink there are many. We will not go into medicine and to consider the benefit and harm at a biological level too detailed, but just take note of some points. To help you decide whether to drink this drink or is it better to abstain.
Aromatic coffee in the drink or not to drink?

There are many opinions about how useful or not coffee. Of course, coffee, like any product, has useful properties, and is harmful to the human body. However, the benefit or harm depends on how often and in what quantities you use this product.

1. Coffee is addictive

In fact, everything will depend on whether you drink coffee and how many cups of coffee you drink. On the one hand, however, doctors believe that coffee is not addictive, on the other hand, people who stops drinking coffee, feeling obvious fatigue, have a headache, they can be irritable, etc.

If you drink, for example, 3-4 cups per day, in addition to coffee, like tea, cocoa and other things, that no dependencies have not and can not be. If you only drink coffee and not take any other drink, but would like to change it - it is better to gradually reduce the dose of caffeine. For example, have you been drinking 8-10 cups a day - gradually reduce to only 8, then 7, 6, etc. Simultaneously in the diet include, for example, 1 Cup of tea (preferably green, as it reminds on effects of coffee) or a glass of juice, etc. Gradually you will reduce the number of drink coffee and simultaneously diversify their "menu".

2. Coffee negatively affects the health

Here again, it all depends on moderation in eating. Indeed, coffee is contraindicated for people suffering from certain diseases. However, there are medical studies that, on the contrary, confirm the beneficial effects of coffee.

For example, coffee reduces the risk of diabetes, heart disease, liver. Additionally, coffee is beneficial for memory (especially in the elderly). Also coffee increases the effectiveness of antibiotics.

3. Natural coffee soluble

And indeed it is. In instant coffee contains various synthetic additives. What, accordingly, does not add any benefit. Besides, studies have shown that natural coffee increases libido in women. So some men need to think, is it really so bad to please a woman with a Cup of coffee, especially in the morning.

A Cup of coffee excellent uplifting and invigorating for a few hours ahead! Try different types of coffee: with milk, cinnamon, Turkish, wenski, Irish and so on. Brew coffee in a cezve, the coffee maker or the coffee machine. Indulge in this wonderful drink. The main thing - balance.

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