Advice 1: How to install a template on the website

Many Internet users think about creating your own site. For this desire there are several ways, ranging from use of free services that offer an almost ready-made websites, to self-write all the html code. One of the most convenient options is a ready to use templatethat allows you to create a website in a very short time.
How to install a template on the website
To create a site, first of all, register the domain name, without it you will not be able to make the navigation through the pages of the created site. You can register it here:
Getting a domain name, find a suitable template for the future of the site. In the Internet you can find thousands of free templates select and download one that you like. Examples free templates can see here:
To create your website, you will need the program Adobe Dreamweaver is one of the most convenient website Builder. Find and install it, then open in the program file of the template. You will see a page of your future site, you can view it in two modes – in code view and in design view.
Using the capabilities of Adobe Dreamweaver, edit the page the way you want. Choose the size and type of font, insert text and images. Inserting images is carried out by prescribing the path to him. You can change the background color and individual elements of the page, something to remove or add the – Dreamweaver allows you to modify the template of the website as needed. When you are finished working on the page, save it under that name, which she will wear on the website.
If your site will have many pages and you want to debug on the computer, install the program Denwer. Once installed, you will be able to view the created pages of the website on your computer as easy and comfortable as if they were already uploaded to the server providing hosting services. All the links will work, you can easily find possible mistakes and errors.
After all pages of the site created, choose the appropriate hosting and pay for his services. Look under the technical support of the hosting provider or in the FAQ section the names of the DNS servers, usually two. In order to attach hosting to the domain, log in to the control panel domain (on the website where you registered) and type in the domain properties of the DNS server.
Now you only need to load pages of a website to a hosting server. Go to the control panel of your site, find the folder "public_html" and upload page of the website. Then type in the address bar of browser the home page address of your site and press go. If done correctly, you will see the main page of your site. Don't forget that after you have specified a DNS server, it may take some days before links to your website will start to work.
1)Load in koreneve the folder with the template css and images (dleimages and others not only need these two). 2) Open the file mailn.tpl notebook. 3) Scaphirostris and edit pages ("Page").
Useful advice
Installing a new template. Autorisoes in the administration panel. Choose from the menu Installation -> site Templates (Installers -> Site Templates). Opens the dialog for setting the templates: Install new template [site]. Under Download installation package, click the Browse button. Select the archive template on the local machine.

Advice 2: How to link website to a domain

The domain name for the website - it's about the same as the name for the store or movie theater. The site can be found without his domain name by ip address, but it's as uncomfortable as to look for a shop by its geographic coordinates. There is a significant difference with the names of real objects - two sites with identical domain names do not exist. Following this special service called Domain Name System (DNS - domain name system).
How to link website to a domain
Install in a distributed database domain names match between your website and its domain. For this you need to inform the Registrar of the domain name, which hosting you should look for your website, and your hosting service to tell the query which domain name should now be directed to your website. All this is done by filling in the corresponding fields in the control panel of the hosting provider and domain Registrar.
Find out the addresses of the DNS servers hosting that is hosting your website. The purpose of these servers is to receive requests from the users ' browsers and depending on them the domain name to redirect to related sites. Usually two names (main and backup) can be found in the information letter which hosters are sending after you create each new account owner. If you can't find this letter - see information section of website hosting provider or ask in tech support.
Log in to the control panel of your hosting and navigate to the section pertaining to domain names. Specific placement depends on the software used by the hosting provider. For example, if it is cPanel, you need to go to the section called "Domains", then under "Additional domains" and fill in the form in which it is necessary to specify a new domain name. In the case of using the ISPmanager control panel, the relevant section is called "Domain names" and in addition to specifying a domain name here you need to check the box "Create WWW domain".
Go to the control panel of the domain Registrar, go to domain management and select (if any). Select the paragraph that applies to the DNS, it may be referred, for example, "Managing DNS servers / Delegation." In the appropriate boxes (NS1 and NS2) specify both a DNS server and make sure no mark next to "Use DNS server of the Registrar. After sending the data from that form to the server, it may take from 2 to 72 hours prior to the time when your website will respond to its new domain name.
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