You will need
  • - the site template;
  • program Dreamweaver.
To work with templates, it's best to use Dreamweaver, you can download it on the Internet. This program is one of the best tools for creating a website, it allows you to edit the page as a visual way and with the help of the code editor.
Download and install Dreamweaver, launch it. Open your chosen template. Note that to minimize the work pattern should be selected properly. When you select the basic attention to the location of elements on the page, not the color design. If you want to create a site distinctive color scheme, you still have to change, so it is best to choose a template with a suitable layout that will not have to redo it, and have it to execute properly.
Convenient to consider the splitting process on a concrete example. Download any of html templates, for example this one: Unzip it, then open the html file in Dreamweaver. Note the switch in the upper left corner "Code", "Split", "Design". Switching between modes, you can edit the template the most convenient way for you.
Will switch to "Design", then click any of the items, such as a page header, in the example template, it presents the text of The river. Please note that at the bottom of the program window appeared the properties of the page element. In particular, the specified width, height, used picture. You can change the size of the caps, putting them in the corresponding fields or by dragging the mouse on the header markers. Adjust the image to do this select the picture of the same size and paste in place of the original.
As simple way you can change any of the elements. For example, text color, page background, titles, links, etc., etc. If something does not work in window design, you can always make the necessary corrections directly in the code. Don't forget before starting work to keep the original file in a separate location. As you work, keep the results in separate files with different names, it will allow you at any time go back. With a bit of practice in working with Dreamweaver, you can easily and quickly edit any templates.