Taxpayers using paper media, we first need to pressureat book, numbered pages, indicate the total number of pages and assure this is an inscription signed by the PI or head of the organization and seal. Provided a book grant to the tax body, where to put in her signature and stamp. Next, proceed to filling out the book.
Taxpayers, a book in electronic form, it is necessary to know the following. After the end of the reporting period (calendar year) taxpayers are required to print the book, numbered and pressureat it, to indicate the total number of pages and also to certify with signature and seal.
All economic operations write down in the book every day or on the day of their execution. Grounds are the data of primary documents. The order of books on paper in the Commission of errors allows for correction if they are justified, confirmed, signed, the date they are made, and stamped (if available).
Now let's move on to how to fill the books of account of income and expenditure. Filling out the cover sheet make in the first place. In this quote ,besides all the information about the organization or the individual entrepreneur, address. The location of the Russian organization consider the place of its state registration, so the string "Address" indicate a legal address.
It should be noted that the section "I" is the only one that fills the taxpayers using taxable income. Taxpayers using the object of taxation the incomes, reduced by the costs to fully complete section "I" made the calculations under section "II" of the book. In section "I" income reflect the day of receipt of funds on current account or in cash, and expenditures after their actual implementation.
The main documents on the basis of which is the formation of the tax base, are payment orders in non-cash payments or petty cash receipts when cash payments. In spending the amount of "input" VAT is a separate species, but because it is recorded in the Ledger separately. Losses of previous tax periods carried forward for the future, reflected in section III, they do reduce the tax base of the tax.
Income and expenses determine and reflect in the Ledger separately for each quarter and cumulatively from beginning of the year to the end of the reporting period: I quarter, half year, 9 months, and year.