Find the balance between heat and cold in my life. When your body is cold, the body naturally insulates it with fat. Reduce cold foods and drinks. Warms them to room temperature or in a dish, add warming spices – pepper, turmeric, ginger and cinnamon.
Increase the amount of heat contributing to rastoplenny fat. Will visit baths, saunas and regular exercise. Rubbing and massage works in a similar way.
Influencing in the problem areas, you can use the following mask: mix with water to the consistency of sour cream 100 grams of blue clay, 5 drops of orange oil and 3 tablespoons of ground cinnamon. Apply the mask on body and wrap the foil. Best mask acts in the heat – so you can optionally wear a warm tights and bundle up with a blanket. Keep this mask need to 40 minutes and repeat it once in three days. If you have sensitive skin, the mask can cause a slight burning sensation.
Eat foods that help to burn fat. These include grapefruits, green tea, low-fat dairy products, food moderate spicy, pineapple. Drink warm liquids such as herbal teas or even better a mixture of warm water with lemon, honey and a pinch of ground black pepper. This mixture acts as a fat burner.
Avoid foods that contribute to the formation of fat – beef, pork, butter, cheese, sour cream, ice cream products, wheat, sugar, alcohol, fried foods and fast food. Do not get carried away too acidic or salty foods.
Drink plenty of fluids – at least 1.5 litres of plain water a day. The shortage of liquid metabolism in the body slows down. Lack of water can also cause weakness and dizziness.
Eat systematically. Try not to skip lunch and Breakfast and eat at the same time. Plan your day in advance – what, when and how much you will eat. Remember that for normal operation of the body requires an average of 1700 calories a day. This system will help you not to overeat and at the same time not to starve to death.
Stop dreaming about "forbidden" food. It is proved that even fantasies of harmful products can increase the amount of fat in the body.