You will need
  • display device or a screwdriver
  • -duct tape
Before you begin to connect cables to a group of bulbs, turn off the electrical panel that supplies the power to the apartment.
All wires connected to the switch and bulbs, spread in different directions. Then turn on the power supply to the instrument.
Check the indicator with a screwdriver or a device where the phase wire and zero wire. If bringing a device, the lamp lights, it is a phase wire, if the lamp is not lit – zero. In some transactions there are 4 wires, one of which connects to ground.
All wires extending from the bulbs and the switch, strip the insulation. As already stated above all it must be off panel power supply.
If you want to have two bulbs lit up simultaneously by pressing a single key in the switch, then connect the two phase wires on the bulbs to the phase conductors of the switch.
The neutral wire are connected with zero. If in addition, there is a ground wire, it is necessary to connect the bulbs with the ground wire of the switch.
If you need to have two light bulbs were included from different keys circuit-breaker, the phase wire one light bulb is connect to the phase conductors of a single key. Similarly, connect the second light bulb.
Neutral wires connect together and go to the neutral wire of the switch. The ground wire is also twisted.
After all connections are made and connections invite a professional electrician to check the correctness of the produced wiring diagrams and only after that can use lights.