First, assess whether you should install another outlet. In many cases it is easier and safer to put an extension cord with power sockets and overload protection. You will be able to unplug several appliances, e.g. TV, DVD, receiver, etc, one click on extension. The inclusion of appliances via extension cord can be considered as the easiest and effective way to increase the number of outlets.
If you've decided to put an extra socket, select a place to install it. Sockets are mounted at a height of 50-100 cm from the floor. Nadlitelny outlet within 30 cm from the floor. They have a protective cover covering the terminals when you pull the plugs. Outlet not be placed closer than 50 cm from the pipes, radiators and other grounded elements of the apartment.
The main difficulty may occur when you installation of sockets in concrete and brick walls – not to batter them, select the invoice outlet. For its fastening in the wall need to drill two holes and insert them into the wooden tube. The wiring from one socket to another will need to be laid in the cable channel.
New socket installed, now you need to connect it to the old. Before operation, be sure to turn off the apartment electricity. Remove the outlet housing by removing the fixing screw. With a screwdriver remove the screws securing the wires to the terminals of the socket.
Strip the ends of two conductor wires which you will connect the socket, by about 1.5 cm Bend them into loops under the screws to the terminal, then the power will flatten with pliers. Flat wire will provide a more reliable contact. Similarly, flatten and loops of those wires that fit into the wall outlet.
Enter a couple of loops – one from the old wires, the other from the new, in a mounting hole in the block socket, insert the screw and grab it with the nut. Once the screw is in the nut, tighten it with a screwdriver. In the same way connect the second pair of terminals. If the power supply cable, use a three-core wire, the third conductor plug to ground. After finishing the work from the old outlet will be to move the wire connected to it in parallel.
In the place where the wire will pass through the wall, screw the cable channel. Put it in the wire, then cut and connect the wires to the new socket outlet. Install the body of the new socket, close the cable channel. The work has been completed.