You will need
  • lamp (chandelier);
  • bulbs;
  • - connecting wires;
  • - the probe (the tester).
Before production work on the installation of ceiling lights make sure that mains voltage is disconnected. Use this to check the tester or test lamp. Only after such verification, the luminaire should be mounted on a ceiling hook. Use for mounting a portable stable step-ladder. If necessary, make sure that during the production of works for connection of lighting you are insured assistant.
In the simplest case, apply the usual method of connecting a ceiling fixture or chandelier using a two-wire circuit in which all bulbs are included simultaneously. Wiring this connection is not straightforward.
If the chandelier is for five or more bulbs, mount the three-wire scheme. It will consist of one common wire and two sectional wires. For easy installation use the wires in the braid of a different color - this will help to avoid mistakes when connecting the scheme to the food.
In the presence of a series switch to make a circuit of light bulbs "2-3-5". This option allows you to use multiple methods to enable mnogoplanovo lamp, wherein the switch enables you to control the connection of lamps. In other words, you can only turn two lights, three only, and include all five lamps.
When mounting diagram with labeled wires connect the common wire of the chandelier and the neutral wire connected to the hook on which the chandelier is suspended. Phase hoses connect the hook with sectional wires. If the wires are not color coded, to installation, determine zero and phase wires with a probe. This will apply for wire tension, so be extremely careful. After identifying the purpose of the wire again, cut off the voltage and perform the circuit.
To all the lamps in the lamp was started at the same time, use the switch with one button, and the wires 2 and 3 (see figure in step 3) connect together and connect to the phase liner.
Connecting wires, install lights and attach the cartridges in the bulb. Connect the voltage and test the installed circuits. If necessary, correct any errors in the installation.