You will need
  • Exposure, pictures or movies with alcoholics, pill for alcoholism.
To help realize. Not every man suffering from alcohol addiction, realizes the severity of the problem, and it is therefore not going to fight it. It is important to help him realize this through a friendly conversation or analysis of his actions and status.
To find the cause. It often happens that, after a course of treatment, the man breaks down again and begins again to drink. The fact is that the reason that pushed him to alcoholism, is not resolved. This is why you need to "sober" perform climate in the family, your relationship with your husband, his relationships with loved ones, family and friends, the situation at work or in business. Finding out what's wrong, you have to fight with it or with the attitude your husband. This will greatly help to reverse the current situation and direct it in a more positive direction. If no problems, then there is no reason to fill it with vodka.
The climate in the family. In such a situation, the actions of the wife and of the household depends on how the family will support the man in crisis moments. It is important to create an atmosphere of trust, to help man to feel the care and concern of people close to him, their love and attention.
Consult your doctor-psychiatrist and pick up tablets for the treatment of alcoholism. If your spouse refuses treatment, they can quietly add it to the food or drinks. Many drugs have no odor or taste.
Give examples of drunken people can show pictures or movies. The main thing - do it regularly.