Programs for creating logos

To create logos professionals generally use Adobe Illustrator. This is a vector editor created in the image does not change its quality when you zoom. If the task is to create a truly unique quality of the logo, it is best to use this program. Of course, mastering it will have to spend time, but the result is very good.

There are program, the designers of the logos that does not require advanced knowledge. Using presets, you can choose a design, insert your own text. Such a program, for example, is Sothink Logo Maker. It can help to create a logo in just a few minutes. There are other similar programs, the main drawback is the limited. In addition, many of them do not support Russian language.

The rules for creating a logo

A good logo looks simple enough and stylish as examples are the logos of Apple or Nike. Therefore, you should avoid pretentiousness and unnecessary complexity. The secret of success lies in the simplicity, beauty and harmony lines.

The logo should not be small parts. The logo design needs to allow it to be placed without information loss on projects of any size – from a pen to a balloon.

Try not to use the logo more than three colors and fonts. Diversity, the variety of fonts make it difficult the perception of information. Also note that the logo should be well reproduced in black and white – both direct and inverse.

A quality logo should be easily reproduced on any products. So try not to use flare, gradients, shadows – all this makes it difficult to print, and the finished logo is distracting from the main information.

How to create a logo

Before you design logo you must thoroughly understand the essence of the work of the company he will represent. Write down on paper the main characteristics of the company – its field of activities, produced goods or services. Determine which colors will best match the nature of the company, its image. Select the text that will be included in the logo.

Considering the collected material, draw by hand on paper several versions of the logo. Do not rush – rush here. All of the sketches will need to choose the one most successful, and to continue working with him.

After study of the sketch it is necessary to recreate in Adobe Illustrator. In the network there are many lessons to operate this program in detail painted various aspects of the work. The finished logo is saved in the right formats.

Creating a quality logo is a complex task that requires professional design skills and virtuoso software. However, in the presence of desire it is possible to create beautiful and memorable logo for yourself.