Advice 1: How to make a coat of arms

Heraldry came to us from medieval Europe with its jousting tournaments, beautiful ladies and bloody wars. Coats of arms were depicted on the shields and it distinguished the knights from each other. Later coat of armss appeared on the clothing of the workers, as a distinguishing feature. Over time, coats of arms appeared not only noble knights, but cities, States, craft guilds. In modern Russia the coat of arms officially can only have the subjects of the Federation. A commercial firm can register a coat of arms, but only as a trademark or logo.
The coat of each color has its own meaning
If you create a personal, family coat of arms you can go three ways.
Search. This method is suitable for those who have ancestors appear aristocratic personages. Each noble family had its own coat of arms, a poem, if you manage to find a noble ancestor, then you have every right to use his coat of arms. In modern law there are no conditions on what extent the family member can use the family coat of arms.
The path of least resistance. Contact a professional organization, which is engaged in creation of heraldry. Order them the emblem and it will draw all the canons. Find a company easy online. Just before you agree to the creation of your coat of arms make sure the firm is competent in matters of heraldry. Otherwise, you get just a beautiful picture, whose meaning will be incomprehensible to experts.
The first rule is a combination of materials and colors. Only in heraldry used 7 colors. Two colors of metal: gold and silver. Five colors of enamel: green, blue, red, black, purple. If the background of the emblem is made of metal (yellow or white), it shall not impose other metal (white to yellow and Vice versa). The same applies to the enamel. An exception may be made if the coat of arms is divided into sectors.
Remember the symbolism of flowers. Gold or yellow is the symbol of justice, generosity and wealth. Silver (white) is a symbol of innocence and purity. Red is bravery and courage. Blue – beauty, greatness, gentleness. Green – joy, abundance, hope. Purple – the symbol of power. Use only the royals. Black – humility, prudence and sadness.
Before the coat of arms consisted of different parts. It consisted of a shield, mantle, helmet, crown, motto, siderately and so on. Today only use a shield with applied pattern. So first you need to draw the shield. On top of him applied the figure. Choose a figure that symbolizes the main occupation of your family. If you have a family dynasty of physicians, place on the shield is the symbol of medicine – snake with the bowl. If military, then on the shield is a weapon – sword, spear, and so on. If desired, place under the shield the motto of his family. It needs to be concise, it is desirable to make it in Latin.

Advice 2: How to make a family coat of arms

Perhaps you decided to make a family coat of arms is the family Council, and, maybe, it was just a task given to the child at school. One way or another you will face a very interesting task.
To have the arms - a real pride for the modern family
First you need to decide how you want to make your future coat of arms. If someone from family members is endowed with good artistic skills, you can arrange symbols manually, by drawing on a simple sheet of paper. In addition, such activities may include all nearby relatives - someone will apply contour, someone paint a picture, and someone to sharpen pencils. The most modern solution to make a family coat of arms design on the computer using special graphics programs (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.). But, of course, have experience with similar software.
Draw the coat of arms manually you can get help from familiar artists
Heraldry is a discipline dedicated to the study of coats of arms. It is generally accepted that the main shape of any coat of arms is the shield. Its shape can be almost any, but is most common triangular or French (like the bottom rounded rectangle). The inner space of the shield is called a field. It can be uniform, is divided into several parts and, consequently, of colors, or with a small figure (for example, Fleur de Lis, clover leaves, etc.).
The next stage can be called the most creative - a shield superimposed on symbolic images. It can be both animate and inanimate objects. The main thing here is to decide what you want to reflect on your family crest. If you and your relatives are engaged in some common cause, for example, work cooks, it is more than appropriate to put on the coat of arms table spoon or toque. Maybe you have a speaking name (wolves, lions, Bulls) and want to reflect on the arms of her using any kind of symbol. The images on the shield may be several. It is important that they were all pointing in the same direction (rotation of the head, a pointer, etc.).
In classical heraldry of the Middle ages was made use of in the arms of many other elements in addition to shield, helmet, crown, supporters, mantle, and others. In our time can only be restricted by the shield, placing it underneath the tape on which is written the motto of your family.
An important detail in the coat of arms of the family are also color. Traditionally in heraldry, they are used all the seven: gold, silver (or their equivalents yellow and white), black, blue, red, green, and purple. The last of these at the same time the canons are allowed to use in the heraldic symbols of the Royal and Imperial families. But, if you wish to make a family crest for yourself and do not plan to pass it on from generation to generation, then this rule can be derogated from, and to give the figure any other colors at your discretion.
If you approached the creation of the family coat of arms according to the rules, in conclusion, it should be the so-called semantic list - a detailed verbal description of a picture t the interpretation of its individual elements.
Legal right created by the emblem can notarize
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