There are several types of nails – oval, round, pointy, square and rounded. When choosing the shape of the nail should be guided by its type. There is the Golden rule, according to which form the free edge of the nail should repeat the shape of the cuticle. However today it does not necessarily follow. But what is important is the shape and length of fingers. With the help of nails a certain shape can be visually neutralize thick fingers lengthen short, to divert attention from the massive joints.
For example, square nail with the corners nepodpisanija looks good only on slender fingers with not too large the nail plate. But its an intermediate option – rectangular nails in the rounded corners, ideal for short and full finger. Pointed the nail shape looks great on a delicate, refined and aristocratic hands.
The length and shape of the nail, by the way, depend on your chosen varnish. Black and any dark Polish visually reduces the size of the nail, the "cut" finger, but because it is contraindicated for short nails rounded, rectangular shapes. But will look great on a long oval or pointed nails.