If your professional activity is directly connected with children, with medicine or cooking, then preference is given to rounded shape of the nail plate. We must note that this form requires you to wear short nails, length free part should not be more than 2 millimeters. If your nails longer, then carefully look, they will not. In addition, experts believe that this form was more suited to the girls whose fingers thin and long. To give the nail shape of a Crescent with a custom nail file.
If you have the fingers full, then you should give preference to the square shape of nails. This will opalite free edge of the nail in a straight line, and ends of the run so as to obtain a square. If you have wide nails, make them a little narrower. Give them the shape of a trapezoid which gradually tapers to the tip the nail plate. The corners of the nail you can make to your taste. It is possible to round out and you can leave them sharp.
Girls with long fingers are most suited to oval nails. However, all women can safely choose this form. In order to give the nail plate such shape, saw her on each of the two lateral sides toward each other. Check if the resulting width. If not, then go ahead and continue to narrow on both sides of the nail.
The sharpened shape of the nail plate suitable for girls with narrow, neat hand. For this nail will opalite to give a triangular shape. In the center of the nail plate must be an acute angle. The beauty of the manicure is directly proportional to the length of the nail.