You will need
  • - glass or ceramic nail file;
  • - nail clippers;
  • - dark nail Polish.
Rate the length of your fingers, the width of the brush and shape the cuticle. Thin long fingers look good with any nail slightly pointed, oval, rectangular. Chubby hands soft is the rounded shape of the plates, but fashion square looks alien. But it fits the long fingers with large joints. Fragile little hands do not go aggressive rectangles, and large brush it will look more elegant with oval nails.
Some of the manicurist recommended to give the free edge of the nail to form the cuticle. It is possible to adjust a little. For example, if the base of the nail tends to oval, the upper edge can be cut straight, slightly softened corners. Nails in the form of a trapezoid extending up, sawed at the edges, giving them the shape of an elongated rectangle, or almond.
Lifestyle also affects the shape of the nails. For example, on the computer keyboard easier to work with your fingers with square nails, with straight or slightly rounded free edge.
Note that the plates must be the same length. Not grow nails only on one or two fingers - required to file them, giving the desired shape. To more accurately estimate their size before processing sawing plate apply any dark nail Polish. So you can control the symmetry of the nails and the straightness of the lines.
If one or two of the nail are different from the rest of the form, try to adjust with a nail file and a sharp manicure scissors. Proceed carefully, constantly assessing the effect not to overdo it.
Want to radically change the form, after parting with the boring oval in favor of fashion square? Change the appearance of the nails gradually. It is not excluded that fashionable shape will not fit or will be uncomfortable. Note that the pointed tips are only suitable for strong nails, prone to breakage and splitting. Soft plate is safer to turn into ovals or rounded rectangles.