Manicures, changing the shape of the nails

To fix the shape of the nails, right podpilivaya them. Try to follow the natural pattern, slightly altering it. For example, wide plates costs little to grow and to attach the free edge in the form of a square with rounded tips. You can try and fashion an oval shape, but almond-shaped and pointed so the plates will not fit.

Use ceramic or glass nail file with a fine grain. It cleans well long and without problems gives the nail the desired shape. To align the edges and you can use pliers of stainless steel. Keep them parallel to the cuticle and cut the nail in one motion. Then trim the corners with a nail file.

Extend nails and make them more beautiful will help well-crafted cuticle. Soften it with a liquid acid, and then slide pusher or wooden stick. Excess skin can be carefully cut off. If you like the rounded shape of the base of the nail, maximally move the cuticle in the center. To give it a soft square shape, clearly highlight the corners. Try to keep all the fingers form the cuticle and free edge were the same.

Very spoils the appearance of the nail uneven ribbed surface. Align its special bar-polirovka. Smoothen the coarse side of the plate, fine-grained and give it a beautiful Shine. A smooth surface is not only attractive, but also improves adhesion and nail lacquer.

Color and Shine

To correct the form of nails properly selected and applied varnish. To lengthen and narrow plate the easiest way by using dark shades. Bright light lucky visually expand nails, so they are best avoided. You can use two colors in one manicure. This technique is good if your plates have a different shape. To narrow down your nails, apply the nail Polish in the center, leaving the right and left thin not band. The same effect can be achieved by not painting over the hole at the base. Give it a slightly curved shape. The steeper the curve, the narrower it will look like a nail.

Pay attention to the texture of varnish. Bright shiny enamel will hide the grooves and irregularities. Matte varnish, on the contrary, accentuate minor imperfections of the plates. If your nails do not differ a perfectly smooth surface, such coatings should be avoided. Try the fashionable sandy texture and lacquers-glitter. Their uneven surface with pellets and sequins of different sizes will easily smooth out small imperfections.

Interesting effect and magnetic varnishes. The pattern of horizontal stripes will widen the plate, vertical stripes, and zigzags to lengthen and narrow it. The same result can be achieved by drawing on the nail strips or painting a plate in two colors.