You will need
  • Text editor Microsoft Office Word 2007
The easiest way of solving the problem is to use the ready business card mock. In a text editor Microsoft Office Word 2007 is built to use layoutmi documents from the public storage, posted on the company's servers. Among others, there are several options of business cards. To load the layout there is no need something to search the Internet, download and install all necessary operations are executed directly in the editor. First open menu and select "Create". Please note: hot keys create a new document (CTRL + N), replace this operation does not work, it is necessary to do it through the menu.
This will open a window with the title "document Creation" in the left pane, which is placed in the list of templates. The upper part lists the groups templates placed at the speakers of your computer, and below there is a section called Microsoft Office Online. In this section there is a group that contains business card templates - find and click it with the mouse cursor.
This action will load in the Central panel the list of available repository templates of business cards with brief explanations. Clicking any of them you can see a more detailed description in the right pane of the dialog box. Selecting the most appropriate option, press the button "Download".
All the constituent elements in the loaded layout can be changed by clicking on each label, image, table, you enable it for editing. Using a very broad range of Word can adequately implement your own version of transforming the original template into something more personal.