Select the size of the image that will be posted on the website-the business card. Most user browses through the sites or on laptops with 15 inch screens or on desktop computers with 19 inch monitors. Most often in the first case, the resolution is 1024x768, and the second 1280x1024. Given that a browser window, and the bottom panel is a GUI OS takes away some screen space, it is best to do the image size in pixels 1000х700. Such a site-business card will be equally convenient to view the user's laptops and desktop machines.
To create the image use the graphics editor to which you are accustomed. So you cope much faster and the result will be better than when you try to install an unfamiliar program. The optimal layout of the images is the following: at the top - the organization's logo and its name, in lower - contact information (phone, location, email address). In the middle of the place the photo that most clearly characterizes the organization, for example, the quality of the sample products. On top of it place the text with the list produced by the organization of goods or the provision of her services. The letters were equally visible on dark and light parts of the photo, use the shadow effect, or contour. To make your site load faster, use the JPEG format with a compression ratio of around 85.
Hosting for website choose taking into account the financial capabilities of the organization. The rule is: if the funds for a paid hosting, select it, or at least get a second level domain. It will boost your prestige in the eyes of others, and the costs will pay off quickly. But remember that even the website with a second level domain that's hosted on a paid hosting, is useless if not to invest in its promotion.
HTML code of the website (excluding the keyword for search engines) might be:<head><title>your company Name</title></head><body bgcolor=codeelementcollection><img gsimage></body>