You will need
  • - special heat-treated spring with corrosion-resistant coating
  • - wire 2mm in diameter
  • - aluminum tube for the barrel, a 12.5 – 13 mm in diameter
  • - two plates – fit nylon, beech, aluminium, oak for the handle
  • - rod of stainless steel with a diameter of 6-8 mm for harpoon
Cut the thread from both ends of the dural tube and cut a groove under staple, length 150-170 mm. Carved nadolnik and the plug. Drill the plug hole to harpoon.
Clamp the plate to the arm in a vise and drill the hole for the barrel. Cut the contours of the arm and make a sample depth of 3.5 mm at trigger.
Connect the two halves of the handle on the trunk and secure them with screws. Make trigger mechanism. This is quite a simple locksmith work.
Make a harpoon in stainless steel. Sleeve, which carries the line needs to slide on the harpoon. It should rest on the shank and amortised through ftoroplastov ring.
Cut out strips of steel lakobashvili and attach it with two screws to the stub shaft. The gun is ready.