Consider the following factors as relevant to parents, education, profession, place of residence etc. on the one hand, it seems a complete folly, but, on the other hand, they are very important after marriage. For example, a long marriage is affected by the age of two halves, as a psychological attitude and approach to life with long-term relationsx – is an integral part.
Keep a good relationship in the family, communicating on all sorts of topics that concern one of the halves. Do not leave unresolved problems, as a loving relationship can degenerate into endless rage and strife that will eventually lead to divorce.
Understand and properly consider the interests of a loved one. But if there is a feeling that loses the connection between each other, like favorite Hobbies. Then you will have one big common interest, and you will always be able to recover lost feelings and preserve long-term marriage.
Gradually understand that like you dear man, and what is not. Some couples who have lived many years together, not even aware of what their other half. Don't forget that sometimes your spouse wants to spend time in his beloved old company without you. This will increase love and will adjust on a positive harmony.
Don't think about cheating. Men and women who found what I wanted, got married, had children, often do not even think about the existence of other people as sexual partners.
Remember the mistakes you make when communicating or relation to a loved one in order for this not repeated. Work on yourself. In most cases it concerns women. All women constantly want to change her man for the better, I want to make it a non-existent ideal. But it's impossible. If the love of man has forced a woman to make some concessions and cross your principles of life, then this man is fully fit for his woman. Nothing more is required.
Like and keep your primary relationship. And also often remember walking under the beautiful moon and beautiful romantic moments.