To cope with the smellom damp in the apartment, try to first find out the cause. Moisture can penetrate through cracks in the walls, the roof (top floor) or the basement (bottom floor). The reason for the smelland dampness in the apartment can also be it flooding neighbors from above or broken heating vent. After identifying the cause, contact the appropriate utilities to troubleshoot it. Gaps in the joints of the wall panels, you can try to fix yourself with the help of foam.
Make sure the insulated pipe of cold water. Formed by the condensate is a frequent reason for the smelland dampness in the apartment. If necessary, complete insulation with polyethylene foam. In order to avoid condensation on the Windows take care of their insulation.
Make cosmetic repairs. If this is not possible, at least change the old Wallpaper – they often exude a smell of dampness.
Go through old clothes, get rid of unnecessary stuff. The rest of my clothes air out on the balcony for hours. Boxes in racks is recommended to be wiped with a weak solution of potassium permanganate and well dried before you put them in underwear. Place them on the shelves with things a few small linen bags of dried herbs or coffee beans.
Treat with steam upholstery on furniture, carpets and walkways. Wash the curtains. Change bed linen and continue to do it as often as possible. Take it to the dry-cleaning pad.
Regularly ventilate the apartment, especially in the warm season, and in the cold – make sure it is well heated. If necessary, use heat-generating appliances.
To make the air in the rooms a pleasant aroma, use essential natural oils or scented candles, pre-making the absence of allergies they have family members. To use for this purpose aerosol air fresheners undesirable, especially if the apartment is suffering from asthma.
Buy ozonator air. It will not only help to eliminate the smell of damp in the apartment, but also to avoid its occurrence in the future.