You will need
  • the room that you want to decorate;
  • - a lot of colored balloons (at least 100);
  • - the pump to inflate balls.
To start, determine the color scheme, which will performed your arrangement of balloons. For a children's party order placement a large number of colored balls. In this case, it is also well suited foil balloons depicting characters from children's cartoons and fairy tales.
For the wedding ceremony, choose a tone balls very carefully. The diversity here is quite inappropriate. It is best limited to a few soft, pastel colors. Remember that your chosen shades must blend and be in harmony with the rest of the design of interior spaces and to fit into it.
Refer to Aero-designers for help if need. They will be able to quickly sketch the design, after seeing the room experienced eye of a professional.
If you want to the balloons looked exclusive, order printing. Modern technologies allow to put on the ball any desired text, photo or picture.
Try to hang balloons around the perimeter of the room, while company them according to a certain principle. For example, large and small, dark and light, etc. Modern balloons can be different sizes, colors and shapes.
Make interesting thematic composition. Of the little balls, collect heart, flower, numbers, or the name of the hero of the occasion. Hang the figure in a conspicuous place. Experienced designers can produce a large and three-dimensional sculpture of balloons. If necessary, refer to them.
Pay special attention to helium balls. Beat their "volatility". For example, tie balloons to the backs of chairs or any objects standing on the table. Ensure that the tethered balls do not interfere with the guests.
Tie balloons with beautiful ribbons so that they hung gracefully down, and release the balloons to the ceiling. Join the balloons filled with helium, between you and build from them a great arch soaring up to the ceiling over the Banquet table.