For beginners, a special program Tourney Master the structure of the tables. Download and install the program on your computer. Open the program and select the desired template. Put in the table cells the team names and points with the end result.
Build a grid table on a MySQL database. Use special codes to populate the fields of the table, where team_id1 - the name of the first team, and team_id2 – the name of the second team players. Number match code set match_id. To prescribe glasses for each group of players, set the algorithm score1 and score2, where the numbers 1 and 2 indicate the belonging to one side or the other. For calculating the outcome of the play list in the last cell command result1 and result2 for both groups of players, respectively.
Build a table grid in HTML. Use the instructions using tags. To set the number of columns in a table use the HTML code, span = integer, where span is a numeric value greater than 0.
Now, about the filling of the cells themselves. Assign each team an identification code ID. Fill in the database information on the number of points and goals of each team. Write a script for each team to calculate the number of goals scored and goals conceded and saved them to the database.