You will need
  • Essential oil, ammonia, vinegar, towels, Bay leaf, coffee, scented candles, incense.
Go with the flow. Tobacco smoke is rapidly absorbed in the tissue, so first wash all the curtains and bedspreads. Also, remove all the clothes from the wardrobe and hang in the fresh air. If after a few hours the smell was not gone, wash things. Bedding-take it out and carefully knock. Wipe the upholstery with a cloth dampened in water with added essential oil.
Wipe all surfaces that are subject to wet cleaning. In a bowl pour warm water and add a small amount of ammonia or vinegar. These funds effectively cope with unpleasant smells. Open all Windows and doors to provide fresh air. If you have air conditioning, the opposite of close.
Wet sheets or large towels in clean water and hang throughout the apartment. When the towel dries, rinse and repeat again.
Wash the ashtray from the remnants of the ashes, wipe dry and ignite in her a Bay leaf. Conduct this procedure daily until the smell of cigarettes. Walk through all the rooms with a torched Bay leaf.
Eliminate the smell of tobacco in the vehicle with the help of acetic acid. Dissolve in a glass of water 1 tablespoon of the product. Leave the solution in the car for the night. In the morning the smell will not remain and a trace.
Coffee is good at absorbing unpleasant odors. In 100 ml of boiling water boil 1 tablespoon of organic coffee. Then pour the thick in a flat dish and leave in the room for a while. Can also use activated charcoal. Put a few pills onto a saucer. Activated carbon has good adsorption properties.
Light scented candles or incense. Every night spend such a procedure. Select a smell that will not cause you disgust. Unable to do otherwise. Apply a few drops of essential oil or perfume on the light bulb. As the heat will spread the scent and disguise the smell of cigarettes.