The transfer of the shares of the share capital may be made only in accordance with Federal law and requirements prescribed in the bylaws of the society. In the first phase to check the possibility of such a transaction. Issue a certificate of incorporation confirming that you are a member of the founders and have paid a share. The transfer is subject only already paid, the share or part of it. In that case, if the transfer of the shares to a third party is prohibited by the LLC Charter, the company should buy it and after 1 year, distribute it between all its members.
If Statute provides that the consent of the other members of the society on the transfer of shares to a third party, direct appeal, or an offer to the society and its members. If during the next 30 days not followed by a written statement of refusal to consent, it shall be deemed received. Otherwise share bought back by the company or its members, the pre-emptive right to purchase the share capital.
Assure at the notary transaction for the transfer of the shares to be counted as valid. For certification please provide the notary with the following documents:- certificate of incorporation confirming its size and the fact it supplies you issued not later than 30 days before applying to the notary;- notarized agreement or other document confirming succession or the fact that the share was purchased, if it had taken place.On the document confirming your right of ownership to alienated share, the notary has to stamp on the transfer of shares or parts of it.
The notary within three days must give the tax office at the place of company's registration statement on introducing the appropriate changes in the register, signed by the person that disposes of the share. Attached to the application a document confirming the transfer of the share capital.
Within three days after the legitimacy of the transaction were notarized, it must give the society a copy of the application to the tax office and attach the documents expressing the contents of unilateral transactions and confirming the reasons for the transfer and transition of the share capital.