You will need
  • - the decision of the founder on the establishment of the company or the minutes of the General meeting;
  • - the Charter of the company;
  • - the constituent contract;
  • - list of founders;
  • - passports of the founders;
  • - the application form the Bank about opening accumulative account of the company;
  • - cash to Deposit into the savings account.
Select the Bank in which subsequently will open the RAaccountth expense of the enterprise. Among the defining criteria are the rates for operating and maintaining the accountand wire transfers, the use of the Bank client, the proximity of Bank branches to office, the level of service in the Bank and several others.
Mount it in the Charter of the company and the decision or the Protocol of the General meeting of founders on its establishment, the Charter capital must be paid with money. Specify in these documents the total amount of the share capital. If there are several founders, reflect the Charter and articles of incorporation, each share in the share capitalof e in cent.
Prepare a set of incorporation documents of the company: the sole decision of the sole founder and the Charter of the enterprise if the founder one. If two or more, in addition to the Charter will need the minutes of the General meeting with the decision on the establishment of the company, the Memorandum and the list of founders.
Fill in the application form the Bank about opening a savings account. The form can be downloaded on the website of the selected credit institution or to his nearest branch and fill out at home, in the office or directly at the Bank.
Tell the Bank's operator a complete set of documents, if necessary, convey additional paper or make corrections to the existing.
Fill in the cashier of the Bank share capital or part of it. If the founders more than one, to pay its share of the share capitaland each needs its own name.
Get from the teller at the Bank a certificate that the accumulative account is opened and the share capital made on it, and turn it into a set of documents for registration the future of the firm in tax inspection.