Advice 1: How to make cream for cake decorating

Nothing beats homemade cakes. Fragrant, delicious-smelling and made with love cakes, will decorate any feast. And top, of course, be cake. Beautifully decorated, it is the pride of the mistress, and the admiration of the guests.
How to make cream for cake decorating
You will need
    • 200g butter
    • 8 tablespoons with slide sugar
    • or 8 tbsp of condensed milk.
What cream to use for decoration? There are several basic recipes that you can decorate a cake. They are easy to prepare and very tasty.
How to make cream for cake decorating
The most popular and easy to create – basic butter cream with the icing sugar. For him, we'll need 200g butter and 8 tablespoons (heaped) of powdered sugar.
Oil in advance remove from the refrigerator - it should be room temperature. Whip it with a mixer and, gradually, one spoon, add the powdered sugar. This cream is suitable for decoration, and as a base for paste. For drawing shapes, leave it for a while in the fridge it hardens, and the figures will come out better.
The following cream main oil with condensed milk. Ingredients: butter - 200 g condensed milk - 8 tablespoons. Take the oil (not cold, but softened), beat by hand using a metal whisk or a wooden spatula, until a homogeneous mass of white color lush and supple. Continuing to mix, add a tablespoon of condensed milk. And continue whisking until a homogeneous air mass, somewhere 10-15 min If the milk sugar, it can boil and allow to cool to room temperature.
When decorating with warm cream shapes are glossy, shiny, not sculptured. If you use chilled cream - they are matte and textured.
Ganache is one of the creams based on cream and chocolate. It is also used for drawing ornaments. Sometimes black and white ganache, depending on the chocolate you use.
Recipe No. 1. Warm hot cream (fat content of 36%) for the ganache 300g milk chocolate (or black), 2 cups chilled whipping cream.
Recipe № 2. 200g hot cream for the ganache (fat content of 36%), 200g. white chocolate, 1 Cup chilled whipping cream.
Bring to the boil the cream, designed for the ganache, pour the chocolate, melted in the microwave or on a steam bath. Stir thoroughly with a fork until the chocolate is completely dissolved. After that, cool it in the fridge (you can leave overnight). The next day sleduet beat until fluffy mass remaining cream. Then whip the chilled cream and chocolate to a thick state. And gradually, gradually, add in whipped cream, turn the mixer on speed 1-2.
The cream is very thick, sweet, like soft ice cream.

If you have a special syringe to draw it doesn't matter. Turn the bag from baking paper, put it in the cream, and draw on health.
You need a thin line? Cut the tip diagonally with scissors. For lines thicker do more cut. To obtain the wavy lines on the sides of the cake , you can use a knife for cutting bread or cheese.

Advice 2: What is the best cream for cake decorating

Have skilful mistress in the culinary notebook is always a couple of recipes of delicious cream, which you can use to decorate cakes, cupcakes or any other dessert. Sometimes cream is used only for cake decorating, but often it is applied and for the complete impregnation.
What is the best cream for cake decorating

Basic Foundation

Each dessert requires its own cream. For example, a sponge cake needs to be very strong impregnation, as his cakes turn out dry and brittle. For this dessert it is better to use oil or sour cream.

One of the most simple recipes are the following: it is necessary to take 1 can of condensed milk and 400 ml of thick cream. Mix the ingredients together and give a good brew. This cream is better to coat the cake in advance to cakes well soaked. If you want the cream you can add chopped dried apricots. This cream is good as dipping, and decorating the culinary products.

Another option is buttercream, which includes:

- 200 g of softened butter;
- 1 Bank of condensed milk.

These components should be mixed among themselves until a thick cream. You can also add a lot of cocoa powder – get a simple chocolate cream.

Creamy delights

But a simple cream sometimes looks a little boring, so many of the cooks learned how to cook real masterpieces, decorating cakes unprecedented colors and shapes. As a rule, the composition of complex creams with eggs, butter and cream (or milk) with sugar. For beauty add food coloring. Today you can easily buy at the store, but still better to use natural paints.

For example, grated lemon peel will give a beautiful yellow, red or pink can be obtained using the juice of red berries, wine or beet juice. Green well spinach, and brown – coffee strong tea leaves or burnt sugar.

Probably the most difficult to prepare are cheese and custard, because you need to cook. But the cream, which includes gelatin, allow to create a real culinary masterpiece, because you can add different fruits and berries, which means that the cake will look truly festive. Besides, this dessert is not only delicious, but also useful.

To obtain the cream with the gelatin to properly prepare the Foundation. To create such jewelry is usually enough for one pack of powder (about 25 g), which is necessary to prepare the way stated on the packaging. Then the resulting mass is added to a Cup of the main ingredients (usually it's sour cream or whipped cream).

For sour cream with gelatin:

- 25 g of gelatin;
- 200 g of sour cream;
- 120 g icing sugar;
- vanilla or other food flavoring – to taste.

To dissolve the gelatin as indicated on the pack by the way. In a separate bowl, blend sour cream and powder, to give the mass to infuse. Then, after the foam appears, pour gelatin, continuing to interfere. The resulting cream put in refrigerator until thick.
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