Advice 1: How to raise a fighter

Every parent wants his child grew up strong and penetrating, could achieve all the goals and was successful. For all this the baby from the earliest years to develop real fighting qualities in today's world without a fight, not giving up no one and nothing.
How to raise a fighter
People-soldiers – is absolutely not team players, because they can't count on anyone but themselves. You should take this into account and try as possible to bring it to the baby. However, it is worth to avoid extremes, because the child must rely on their own strength in solving problems and achieving goals. But this does not mean that the whole world around will be to repair his obstacles.
The main fighting qualities is determination, will to win and confidence in their own abilities. All of these qualities in the upbringing of a fighter you have to develop in a child. Commitment, for example, can be brought up, constantly setting little goals and encourage their achievement. The will to win will help to foster continued participation in contests and competitions with desirable prizes. As for confidence, here is to convince the child that it was the most. Just don't overdo it because you don't want instead of the child-soldier to raise a child selfish.
The main fighting qualities
Child-soldier will help you to raise sections on wrestling, Boxing, karate and the like. Moreover, the confidence that gives the physical superiority, have a great impact on the perception of yourself baby. Only here too it is important not to cross the line. Child soldiers grow up, often reject everything that somehow prevents them to achieve success. The ranks of the rejected can get you. So think twice whether you want your child to be a fighter?
Useful advice
1. Raising a child-soldier, the most important thing is not to overdo it.

2. Raising a child-soldier, don't treat the baby too austere. Remember, any child in need of love and affection.

Advice 2 : How to raise a strong character

A strong character will help you not to break in difficult situations, will give the opponent to fight back and to overcome any difficulties. However, not everyone has a strong will since birth. How to cultivate much-needed in the modern world fighting qualities?
How to raise a strong character
To begin, decide what traits you would like to develop. Willpower, determination, guts, iron shutter? Any of these qualities will be useful to you in life, but you should start with basic skills of self-control.
To strengthen the nervous system, it is possible to engage auto-training, learn meditation or one of the many psychological practices aimed at relaxation. The main thing is to exercise regularly, not expecting immediate results.
Work out. Not necessarily to set records, but it is necessary to identify the purpose to which you aspire. For example, to perform 50 push-UPS in a row. Regular exercise will make you more disciplined, workout will strengthen not only the body but also the spirit.
If the sport you do not like, choose an intellectual pastime. For example, learn chess, learn the works of Shakespeare, take up the piano. It is important to obtain a permanent skill to overcome, to reach new heights. This will give you confidence.
To feel strong, find someone who is in need, protect the weak. Become a volunteer to one of the charities, there you Orient. To transfer money to someone is optional, sometimes required to help a disabled person go for a walk or to participate in the construction of the temple.
Try to tame their weakness. Afraid of heights? Be sure to bend with a parachute. Afraid the sight of blood? Become a donor and get over yourself. Every little overcome will make you stronger, and soon you will understand that you have nothing to fear.
Remember that a strong character is forged in the trials. You can every day to train will power, standing under a cold shower, but still the best teacher – life itself. Do not pass before difficulties, meet them face to face, and your character will become as strong as steel.
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