You will need
  • 50 - 100 g of yarn made of goat down;
  • straight needles № 3,5.
Yarn made of goat down in the store to buy is difficult, but it can be purchased at the needle that sells scarves, shawls and shawls of their own production on the market.
As the basis for spinning down the threads using a cotton thread-based, is first spun thick thread made of goat down, and then napadayut on a thread-basis. These yarns are very warm, so the product associated it will be able to protect from the most severe frost.
There are several ways to crochet hat scarves. It can be knit, starting from the corner or from one of the parties. But it is more convenient to knit from its inception, the length of which can vary from 80 to 100 cm, depending on your desire.
Before we get to the knitting of the product, do some test samples to calculate the density of knitting and the number of loops for a set. The best of them make payment.
Dial the number of loops, depending on the length of the base of the gusset plate, and provarite one row of the main pattern. If this is your first fuzz, it is not difficult to knit fantasy pattern, try to start to tie her garter viscous, and the edges to make a drawing of nakido.
Starting from the second row, make obuvki at the beginning and end of each row. To do this, remove the edge loop (pull it longer, so that the edge of the gusset plate was not pulled in and not screwed in), 2 loops of the next provarite together. Then knit a row in pattern.
Thus, proverite 3 series Obafemi, 4th straight, not subtracting, and then again 3 series Obafemi and 1 row straight. Knit this way until you get an isosceles triangle. The last 3 close the loop.
The finished product lay on a flat surface, covered with a cloth, give it a shape and pin the safety pins to the blanket. Cover with a damp protoindian and carefully iron with a hot iron with steam. Scarf do not remove until it is completely cool.
The thing finished, tie the edges of the teeth with a hook. Specifically rasputyvat scarf is not necessary. In the process of socks she will become fluffy.