First of all, of course, think very well if you haven't done chemistry, and only going to change your image! It you really want? Isn't it easier to do a normal Perm, to please close their tremendous appearance, and then quickly return to their hair, not worn out different chemical experiments? Do not change your mind? Then we will think what to do with existing Perm.
There are several ways to get rid of the chemicals. But they are not an absolute, it all depends on your hair, the quality and the skill that was made a Perm. The first of these is to go to native already to the salon with the lacrimal request to return all "as it was". Plus they know how and what you were doing, so the chance that everything will return as it was very high; minus – you are risking to say goodbye to the hair (they can't survive 2 such stress and corny polypodine).
You can try to fix that at home – there are numerous assets available for sale (special straightening masks, balms and gels, Curling banal in the extreme case), it may be cheaper, but most likely will affect the hair much worse – not only can you not get rid of iron, but also do harm to your curls!
And finally, the only true way is to wait a little to get the hair industry, and trimming all the beauty called "perms"! So decide for yourself which method fits you, and most importantly – be beautiful!