Style your hair permed in a natural way without the use of Hairdryer and modeling tools. To do this, as the drying of the hair, lower your head down and fluff up the roots with your fingers. This will increase the volume of hair styling is lush and natural.
Use special tools for styling curly hair to make curls look more defined and expressive. Fixing sprays, mousses, gels, and foams separated the curls and make the curly hairstyle finished and gorgeous. Apply the fixing means to create curls carefully combed hair. Comb for hair from a Perm needs to be with a few teeth, so as not to injure the damaged curls. Shape the curls and press with fingers. When the installation finished, do not brush your hair to keep the effect clear single curls.
Use dryer for faster styling curls. Can be dried lush curls using the finger tips, which lifts hair at the roots. This hairdo provides a strong volume and a riot of curls on his head.
Another version of the creation styling with a hair dryer: wrap the strand by strand on the round brush and pull through hair jet of hot air. At such laying out large elegant waves. This hairstyle of the discharge evening.
To curls seemed less lush and soft, roll the hair on curlers average size and dry hair dryer. Remove the rollers, form into shape with your fingers and spray the hair lacquer. This hairdo will make your look romantic and gentle.
Model curly hair with wax, if the hair is badly damaged after chemotherapy. Wax clearly separates curls and establishes stronger styling. It also gives the hair Shine.