You will need
  • shampoo for damaged hair;
  • balm for damaged hair;
  • - 1 yolk;
  • - 2 tbsp of castor oil;
  • - 1 tbsp of burdock oil;
  • - 1 tbsp of cream;
  • - 1 tbsp of yeast;
  • - 1 tbsp of liquid soap;
  • - 1 tbsp aloe juice;
  • - 1 tbsp Apple cider vinegar;
  • - 1 tbsp of lemon juice;
  • 1 Cup dark beer;
  • - 1 tbsp. l. roots of calamus;
  • - 1 tbsp. l. roots of burdock;
  • - 1 tbsp. l. hop cones
  • - decoction of leaves of nettle;
  • - decoction of hop cones;
  • - decoction of marigold flowers;
  • - a decoction of chamomile flowers;
  • - yogurt;
  • - yogurt
To restore hair after a Perm in the first place pay attention to shampooing and styling. Wash and rinse the head of the recommended special shampoos and conditioners for damaged hair. Lay and blow dry the curls without using a hot dryer. This is an extremely aggressive method of treatment for lifeless hair. After shampooing do not squeeze the hair. Just hold them in a towel.
To moisturize, strengthen curls. making them silky and Shine be sure to use revitalizing mask. It can be as professional cosmetic products that contain panthenol, keratin, collagen, masks homemade. Such procedures need 2-3 times a week.
One of the universal masks for hair is considered to be a mixture of 1 egg yolk, 2 tbsp castor oil, 1 tbsp. of cream and yeast. The components are mixed gently reheat in a water bath and carefully massage into the hair roots. Half an hour later, remove the medium by shampoo. Rinse hair decoction of nettle leaves, hop cones, flowers of calendula, or chamomile.
Beneficial effect on damaged hair, the following mask. Take 1 tbsp. l. burdock oil, liquid soap and aloe juice. Warm mixture massage into the scalp, and after 30 minutes rinse with shampoo. As a conditioner use Apple cider vinegar: dilute 1 tbsp of vinegar in a liter of cool water. An alternative is the use of lemon juice. The solution is prepared in a similar manner.
In the treatment of hair permed widely distributed beer masks with herbs. They prevent hair loss and restore well hair follicles. For mixing you'll need a glass of hot dark beer, 1 tablespoon of the roots of calamus, the roots of burdock, hop cones. Insist for days, and then RUB into the hair roots a few times a week for 3 months.
For quick recovery of damaged hair, it is useful to rinse it with yogurt, buttermilk, yogurt or beer.