The Assembly is quite complicated, but cook in a double boiler, you will learn easily. With appliances like this are always put instructions and a small list of recipes. The uniqueness of this device is that the dishes are prepared very quickly and many it's embarrassing. In fact, you should consider the fact that healthy food should be prepared quickly. Long heat treatment reduces its nutritional quality and cook in a double boiler, so take care of their own health.What you need to know the person who bought this kitchen unit and dejected looks on his rich Toolkit. How to cook in the steamer will tell you few simple tips.

1. Due to the presence of nets, it is possible to cook in the steamer for several dishes simultaneously. The lower level is the hottest, then you should prepare the meat on the upper "floors" prepare vegetables.

2. Meat is regarded as the most long produced product. But even with the large dimensions of the cooking meat is not delayed more than half an hour.

3. Whatever dish you cook in a double boiler – meat, fish or vegetables – it must be cut into equal pieces. Otherwise, half of the food can turn to mush, while the second half will be raw.

4. All the ingredients you need to put in the steamer so that between the pieces remained gaps. This will allow vapor to circulate between the pieces and evenly cook in a double boiler desired dish.

5. If you decide to cook in the steamer for food, it is better to pour into a tank of cold water, and almost boiling water.

6. Regarding seasoning. To cook in the steamer for delicious meals, you should salt and pepper them in the last stages of cooking.

7. Cooked in the steamer fish is very useful. Tip for the gourmets in the tank not fill water, and a mixture of water, white wine and spices. Fish cook in a double boiler to gently, it can fall apart or lose the juice. This fish should not spread on the bars, and the pre-Packed salad leaves, herbs and lemon rings.

8. Seafood is cook, covered with foil, this will keep them soft.

Note that every steamer has its own characteristics. Some are not designed to water tank pour anything except water. The steamer should be washed thoroughly and store dry.