Infectious mononucleosis is very similar to angina. Inflamed and increase of the tonsils, fever. In addition, enlarged lymph nodes, spleen and liver. Can cause difficulty breathing, as well as changing the composition of the blood. One of the features of this disease is that a smoker loses the urge to smoke. The period of the disease is 14-21 days. Don't forget that this disease can be transmitted and other diseases. Because mono affects an important part of the immune system. Be careful, you can become infected by contact with the patient (when you use household items or airborne).
Specific treatment is not developed. You need to follow a strict diet which will prescribe the doctor. It should be noted that all food needs to be enriched not only fats, carbohydrates, but also proteins and vitamins. Patient is necessary to feed 4-6 times a day in small portions. In the composition of the diet also includes dairy products, lean meat, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, vegetable soups, cereals and pasta. Discard the large amount of vegetable oil and butter, sausages and sour cream. The patient should not be given the cured meats, pickles, pickled products and canned goods. And also to exclude the mushrooms, horseradish, lamb, sweet pastries, peas, coffee, onions.
In addition, the doctor will prescribe the patient antibiotics. However, very often there are allergic rashes on the skin. This may particularly occur if you use drugs, penicillin group. Also prescribed nose drops and gargle the throat with antiseptic solutions. The patient must provide bed rest, drinking plenty of fluids and rest.