You broke up and it seemed like forever. To maintain self-esteem and mental health will help the following rules.

1. Don't take out anger on themselves. You feel that you have no reason to keep yourself in shape. But, really, you have no reason to begin to take revenge on his body. "Many people "heal" their emotions excessive consumption of food that is a kind of compensation," says psychologist Eva Small. Remember that your life does not end with divorce, and in the future you will want to find a new partner. What if you with this will prevent a beer belly?

2. Give yourself time. If you feel that it is best to heal their wounds after a divorce that immediately jump into bed with someone else, you are wrong. After a hasty one-night stand your emotional void will only deepen. "Take your time, allow yourself to recover after a breakup and act with a cool head," says the psychologist.

3. Do not chase. The worst thing you can do after divorce is to begin to pursue his former mate. No matter whether it is physical harassment or spying on the Internet and social networks. In any case, remember that do not only unworthy, but even a criminal offense.

4. Do not tell anyone. Even if you may find this incredible, most people do not particularly interested in why, how, and under what circumstances you broke up. Don't hang on to every nose, including your divorce. No it is not interested.

5. Get rid of the memories. Stop to wipe the dust off the Souvenirs, to consider the lovers of pictures from vacation, just get rid of all shared memories that will only torment and return to what will never return.

6. Don't waste energy on revenge. Efforts to revenge vilify you. Try to behave so as not be ashamed to look at myself in the mirror.

7. Don't isolate yourself. The fact that you broke up doesn't mean you have to behave as a monastic recluse. "Being in contact with friends and family can be the best medicine after a relationship breakup," says the psychologist.

8. Don't settle for crumbs. Don't settle for the role of supplicant at the feet of your ex half. Don't ask, don't try to convince her/him of the need to meet and don't let operate on the popular wave of "let's stay friends". Friendship you can afford it then when they finally accept the divorce.