Sturgeon breeds have the maximum marketable size in 3-4 years. The cost of 1 kg of fish depends on the region of sale and is 1.5-2 thousand rubles. Sell not only the meat of the sturgeon, but also tanned skins, and eggs, that is, almost all goes to the profit.
Sturgeon can be bred in natural or artificial reservoirs. To start the fry in the pond should be cleaned by dropping water and mechanical cleaning method. After filling the lake with water, start the clams, worms, and plants for the pond.
To buy fingerlings and start them in the pond should be from may until the autumn. In hot weather the fry from the nursery to carry better at night when the temperature drops to the lowest elevations. During transportation care must be taken that the water in the tank in which the fry are transported, not heated.
After running into the pond fry, they should be fed properly. The diet should be of the fry small fish of freshwater species and were specially balanced feed. When feeding should follow the recommended packaging dose, depending on the number of fry. Overfeeding harm the fish, as well as with underfeeding.
Before the onset of cold weather need to make an artificial capacity for wintering in a warm room.
Moving sturgeon in capacity for the winter, you need all the livestock to withstand 5% salt solution for 2-3 days. This will avoid contamination and death of fish during the winter. When wintering in the warmer pond fish gaining weight all year round.
If you plan to keep sturgeon in a cold pond during the winter, it limed. The fish needs to provide full rest. In a cold pond sturgeon fish is sleeping and not gaining weight but not losing.
In the spring, resume feeding fish.