First you need to buy young trout in one of the existing farms or in the Federal breeding center in the village of Ropsha. Of course, you can attempt to fertilize eggs in the incubator, grow the fry in the nursery, and then release them in cages, but it is very troublesome. For beginning farmers best is right buying a young trout. And to create for its growth in optimal conditions is not a difficult task.
Vodafone need to provide a comfortable existence temperature. This fish likes cold water – 15-18°C. Already at 21°C trout becomes uncomfortable, and at 25-26°C, it dies.Trout loves water, saturated with oxygen. When it becomes too low (4-5 mg/l), she suffers and grows poorly. Maximum permissible content in water of carbon dioxide for breeding of this fish - 40-60 mg/l. Also should not be too much ammonia when present in the amount of 0.3-0.4 mg/l and a water temperature of 14°C and the oxygen content of 9-10 mg/l trout dies.Trout feels good in the water of medium hardness, clean and clear, but lightly shaded. The ideal environment is neutral or slightly alkaline, with a pH of 7-8.
Place obamaniacs trout-suitable for ponds, cages or tanks. Ponds built on thick soil below, they were not stagnant, and ensured the flow of water. This is good to use a rectangular shape and a depth of 1 m. it is Necessary to ensure change of water in a pond or pool, and the cage at least 2-3 times per hour, but preferably 10-15 minutes. Under these conditions, the density of fish can reach 600 to 750 ind./m3.
To carmineeternity trout should be 2-3 times a day. The diet should be complete, the use of specific feed of natural and artificial origin, both vegetable and animal. The source of protein is fish and bone meal, skimmed milk, fodder yeast (they also provide trout with vitamins). An essential element of food are fats, of which fish gets the energy necessary for growth, but carbohydrates in the diet must be a little - trout in the little intestines the enzyme for cleavage.
Razmnozheniya trout by artificial spawning. To do this, the eggs and sperm take from manufacturers, otceživaâ by special technology. Eggs from several females placed in a basin, and then mixed with milk from several males. The fertilized eggs sent to the hatchery.