The easiest way to make Chinese chopsticks made of wood. In our country for production use pine, maple, cedar, plums. Take a wooden piece. The length of the cylinder is 25 cm, diameter 0,7 cm. Remember that Japanese chopsticks are shorter than Chinese, thinner, and sharper. Using a special knife for working with wood, sharpen each stick with one hand.
The cross section of the chopsticks is different, it can be round, flat, to have multiple faces. But the most convenient option sticks with a square section at the base and round at the sharp ends. These sticks do not ride on the table, well defined fingers while eating. To make the sticks of the desired shape, then step away from the edge of the sticks about five cm and four sure strokes cut the excess wood.
With the help of emery paper or sandpaper smoothen the surface sticks to it left splinters, the angle steel base smooth.
Proceed to staining. First apply on the workpiece sticks special primer for wood products, it will not allow the contours of the figure to unravel. Create a sketch drawing on paper, small parts painting position at the base of the sticks thin ends leave plain. Transfer the motif to the surface of the sticks with a pencil, start coloring. Use special acrylic paint for woodwork. The first layer apply color when it dries out, begin drawing other shades. Leave the sticks to dry for three days.
Apply a food varnish. Do not use other types of paint (for saunas, flooring, etc.), even if the sellers assure you that they are safe, and can contact with food. Leave the sticks to dry for another three days.