Mustard. Coat the meat with mustard and leave from 30 minutes to several hours to marinate. The longer the marinate the meat, the softer it will be.
Mineral water. Use when marinating mineral water ensures the softness of the meat.
Lemons. Lemons or lemon juice used for marinating, greatly increases the softness of the meat during the cooking process. One kilo of pork, 2 lemon.
Kiwi. The mechanism of action of kiwi on the meat the same as lemons, but only for marinating the fruit taken from the 500 g per 1 kilogram of meat.
Sugar. If in the process of cooking meat dishes, you will add a teaspoon of sugar, the meat will be much softer.
Vinegar. Pickling using vinegar is a well-known technique to obtain soft meat. Vinegar you can use either: wine, cider, balsamic and more.
Brandy or wine. Brandy or wine added when the dish is cooked, also contribute to the preparation of soft pork.
Pre-roasting. Pre-roast the meat until a crust develops will keep all the juices in the process of further cooking.
Flour or starch. Roll the pork pieces in cornstarch or flour and fry the pre-fried, then the meat can be fried or baked. Starch and flour form a crust which will keep all the juices inside.