To keep in shape

How to prepare the nest, so they are not straightened up and are not stuck? With this purpose in restaurants uses a special form of a steel or aluminum ring. Its analogue can be a conventional tin can, which has removed the bottom cover. Inner surface of the mold must be lubricated with vegetable oil (the Italians prefer olive oil). Then pour into the pan a mixture of vegetable oil and butter in equal proportions, to establish a metal mold, in which to place nests.

Sunny-side socket turn together with the form to a different. After cooking, the finished dish is extruded from its shell on a plate and stuffed with vegetables.

How to cook nest

Pasta and you can boil them to lose their visual appeal. The secret is simple: to properly cook the nest, it is necessary to use a container that will not ruin the shape. With this, you can use an ordinary frying pan with high sides. In a pan pour water and bring to boil. Then in the boiling liquid and gently place the nest, salt. Cook pasta should be within the time indicated on the package.

Properly and tasty cooking nests can be in a conventional pot. Importantly, the bottom was wide. In boiling salted water put pasta, so that they are not turned over on his side. Cook for five minutes, then finish the nest extract on a dish or baking sheet.

How to stuff the nest

Popular recipe of Italian cuisine – nests stuffed with mushrooms. Dried mushrooms pour boiling water and leave for two hours. After that, should be thoroughly washed, dried, finely chopped. Fry the mushrooms on a well-heated butter, then add the chopped onions and minced meat. Salt, pepper, spices – to taste. Mixture to roast until tender, stirring occasionally, over low heat.

Finish stuffing to stuff pasta nests, sprinkle the top with shaved cheese. Prefabricated bake in the oven for twenty minutes at a temperature of 160-200 degrees. Before serving, stuffed the nest can be decorated with greenery.