Advice 1: Where to go with the girl in Krasnoyarsk

The choice of venue for a date with his beloved girl it is very simple, but here is something to think about. Correctly chosen place and good atmosphere will not only create a good mood, but also will simplify the task of conquering the ladies of your heart. Krasnoyarsk is rich with attractions and beautiful landscapes that will create a romantic setting.
Where to go with the girl in Krasnoyarsk
The public domain of the city of Krasnoyarsk is the "Square of love" in the center of which are a huge hourglass. On this square you will see the song "the Man with the dog", she is not only a witness of dates and romantic meetings, but also inadvertently alerts the guests and residents, the consequences of excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. In summer there are palm trees in large tubs. The "Square of love" newlyweds come to capture your happiest day in amazing hours, who had become the symbol of endless love. Perhaps this monument will become a permanent meeting place with your beloved.While in Krasnoyarsk you can mentally travel back to the city of love and romance – Paris. Because in Krasnoyarsk is an amazing sight – a reduced copy of the Eiffel tower (scale 1:21), the height of a five-story building. It is located in the square near the French restaurant, where you can invite your girlfriend to a romantic dinner and admire the contours of the Eiffel tower, illuminated by thousands of light bulbs. Embark on the Park's flora and fauna "Roev Ruchey", which is one of the largest zoos in Russia. The Zoological Park is situated on a hillside, its total area covers thirty-one hectares. In this area inhabited by over two thousand representatives of the fauna, only in "Swarms Creek" is a collection of exotic animals: Zebra, giraffes, wildebeest, Oryx, meerkats, kudus, chimps and crows. Surely such a walk will love your girl. In the evening visit one of the most romantic places in the city – the singing fountain, one of the greatest works in Krasnoyarsk. In the evening on this amazing fountain offers a breathtaking view, water drops and jets hit several feet up and give pleasant freshness with colored spray. The spectacle is simply breathtaking, this beauty can be admired for hours. On the left Bank of the Yenisei river is the Central Park, occupying a vast area of fifteen acres. The Park has a huge number of adults and children attractions, including the highest Ferris wheel overlooking the whole of Krasnoyarsk. Winter on the Central alley can be with a girl ice skating.

Advice 2 : How to spend a weekend in Krasnoyarsk

Few people know that it is necessary not only to be able to work, but to be able to relax. Well-organized entertainment on the weekends helps a person to gain strength and experience before the new work week. The features in the organization of leisure exist in some cities, for example, in Krasnoyarsk.
How to spend a weekend in Krasnoyarsk
Decide how and with whom you want to relax in the weekend. Depends on the choice of measures. For example, if you are going to spend time together with family, think about how to make the pastime interesting for everyone.
If you want to relax in nature, visit one of the city parks, like Central Park. It is an interesting place for adults and for children, where they can safely walk along the paths or ride on the rides, for example, on the children's railway, but only in the summer. Winter in the Park ice skating rink is organized.Also enjoy the wildlife, visit the Krasnoyarsk zoo. This is one of the largest such institutions in Siberia.
Another place to relax in the fresh air is a nature reserve "Stolby". There you can see rare plants, animals in the wild, and the rocks - the so-called "pillars", from which the Park got its name.
For lovers of winter sports will approach the rest in the ski resort "beaver log", which is located right in the city. There is the opportunity to ride on the flat and downhill skiing, skating, snowboarding.
If you are interested in history and culture, visit the Museum. Even if you are already familiar with the permanent expositions in the Krasnoyarsk local lore and art museums, you can visit one of the regularly organize special exhibitions. In addition, there is another less known but not less interesting museums such as the Museum-estate of V. I. Surikov Literary or Museum.
Another interesting type of holiday could be going to the theater. In Krasnoyarsk presented various types of this art - ballet, Opera, drama, operetta. In addition to performances of core repertoire, you can visit and tour various theatre troupes from across the country.
As in any large Russian city, in Krasnoyarsk there are many cinemas such as "Kinomaks-the planet" and "House of cinema". They can watch not only new Hollywood cinema, but also various retrospectives and art films.
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