Advice 1: Where to go with the girl in Krasnoyarsk

The choice of venue for a date with his beloved girl it is very simple, but here is something to think about. Correctly chosen place and good atmosphere will not only create a good mood, but also will simplify the task of conquering the ladies of your heart. Krasnoyarsk is rich with attractions and beautiful landscapes that will create a romantic setting.
Where to go with the girl in Krasnoyarsk
The public domain of the city of Krasnoyarsk is the "Square of love" in the center of which are a huge hourglass. On this square you will see the song "the Man with the dog", she is not only a witness of dates and romantic meetings, but also inadvertently alerts the guests and residents, the consequences of excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. In summer there are palm trees in large tubs. The "Square of love" newlyweds come to capture your happiest day in amazing hours, who had become the symbol of endless love. Perhaps this monument will become a permanent meeting place with your beloved.While in Krasnoyarsk you can mentally travel back to the city of love and romance – Paris. Because in Krasnoyarsk is an amazing sight – a reduced copy of the Eiffel tower (scale 1:21), the height of a five-story building. It is located in the square near the French restaurant, where you can invite your girlfriend to a romantic dinner and admire the contours of the Eiffel tower, illuminated by thousands of light bulbs. Embark on the Park's flora and fauna "Roev Ruchey", which is one of the largest zoos in Russia. The Zoological Park is situated on a hillside, its total area covers thirty-one hectares. In this area inhabited by over two thousand representatives of the fauna, only in "Swarms Creek" is a collection of exotic animals: Zebra, giraffes, wildebeest, Oryx, meerkats, kudus, chimps and crows. Surely such a walk will love your girl. In the evening visit one of the most romantic places in the city – the singing fountain, one of the greatest works in Krasnoyarsk. In the evening on this amazing fountain offers a breathtaking view, water drops and jets hit several feet up and give pleasant freshness with colored spray. The spectacle is simply breathtaking, this beauty can be admired for hours. On the left Bank of the Yenisei river is the Central Park, occupying a vast area of fifteen acres. The Park has a huge number of adults and children attractions, including the highest Ferris wheel overlooking the whole of Krasnoyarsk. Winter on the Central alley can be with a girl ice skating.

Advice 2: Where to go with a girl in Novosibirsk

Wishing to make out with a girl in Novosibirsk interesting to choose from. On a clear Sunny day you can have a great time under the open sky, if the weather is not favourable - warm up in cafe or leave the theater. At night open a large number of clubs.
Where to go with a girl in Novosibirsk
Meeting a girl at a fountain will not only make the date romantic, but a nice refreshing dip on a warm day. Beautiful musical fountain is open from may to September at the globe theatre. In the evening it is illuminated with colored lights that fade and light up to the beat of the music. By the way, a walk by illuminated musical fountain can be combined with a trip to the theater. His repertoire is quite diverse, there are a lot of modern youth plays. The waterfront of the river Ob jet fountain beating directly from the surface of the river. Dusk is a masterpiece of engineering art is also highlighted. On the waterfront you can also ride on the rollers. Another musical fountain at the town's public library not far from the subway.It is possible to invite a girl to the theater. One of the most popular youth theatres. Afanasyeva. On the stage pose unique modern pieces. For lovers of the classics open the doors of the Opera and ballet Theater, "Red Torch", the Musical Comedy theatre, which is located in the wonderful Central Park with rides. Modern plays are successfully staged in the theatres of the "Left coast" and "Old house".A great idea to go with a girl in Novosibirsk circus. The troupe of the city gives a vivid, memorable performance. In addition to her circus come with touring artists from different countries and former Soviet republics. Novosibirsk is situated on both banks of the Ob river. From the city centre by metro you can get to the left coast. The trip across the river will be a unique bridge underground, the weight of which is equal to the weight of the Eiffel tower in Paris. On the left Bank opened amusement Park "Bend".Go girl can be in the Novosibirsk zoo, which after reconstruction became even better. In the Zoological Park grow pine, spruce, maples and oaks because it is located in the Botanical garden. Here you can see and representatives of the African fauna, and animals from the North, and many birds and reptiles.Nightlife is very diverse. For lovers of the night partying clubs open Winners, ,Hippo, Rock City. In the latter is not rare musical performances by rock, raggy and jazz bands who come on tour from across the country. Clubs FIRST, "anti-Glamour" Alpen Grotte and Contemporary suit striking a disco party and incendiary contests. Unique club "Pipe" in addition to musical performances holds interesting theme parties.

Advice 3: Where to go in Krasnoyarsk

Krasnoyarsk - a city of unique natural and man-made attractions. Gorky Park, regional Library, city of sculpture - will be interesting to lovers of cultural education. Siberian natural beauty, such as Black Hill, beaver log, and of course, Krasnoyarsk Pillars will delight nature lovers.
Where to go in Krasnoyarsk

The pride of the Krasnoyarsk Central Park. Gorky. A huge number of attractions, ongoing events and competitions will delight lovers of entertainment. The Park is located in a very picturesque place, where nature pleases the eye.

Museum of local lore of Krasnoyarsk introduces the rich history of the city. Here are the unique facts of the development of the region. To enhance their knowledge can be in the Regional library with its collection of rare historical and artistic publications.

Be sure to visit the exhibition center. Frequent change of the display allows you to expand your horizons and visit many interesting exhibitions.

The restored manor house of the artist Surikov invites you to learn about the life and work of masters of painting. It contains unique objects of everyday life surrounding the artist and some of his immortal creations.

Majestic Krasnoyarsk Pillars, these creations of nature are fascinating and never cease to amaze. The excursion on them is ongoing. No less interesting is the visit the Black Hills in Berezovsky district. It is nothing like an ancient volcano, which is considered extinct. Although the departments of civil defense, he is only asleep.

A very interesting attraction - the aerial cable car in the Beaver Log. Eyes appear wondrous natural beauty, from the top platform of a cable car you can reach the observation deck on the Pillars.

The suburbs of Krasnoyarsk - Divnogorsk - famous for its hydroelectric power station. You can go on a tour to appreciate the Majesty of this engineering structure.

A mandatory requirement when visiting countryside sites - protection from ticks with the help of special clothing, sprays and creams.

Special attention deserves the Krasnoyarsk club. The great success enjoyed lingering skydiving instructor and familiarization flights on the aircraft the co-pilot seat.

Night life of Krasnoyarsk is not less rich, than the day tour. Clubs "Pilot" and "Zazhigalka" present to the audience of dancers and music from all directions. "Strainge" you can try not only traditional Russian, but also Japanese and Italian cuisine. "Gagarin", "Stud" and "the alpha" carried out noisy and fun disco parties.

Advice 4: Where to go with the girl in Minsk

In Minsk many places, visiting which is both educational and romantic character. The surrounding city is a wonderful place for walking and exploring its history, museums are located on these beautiful streets that it's hard to deny yourself, to work through them. In the evening and night in Minsk there are many clubs that are waiting for lovers of diverse music.
Where to go with the girl in Minsk
Lovely stay - a walk in Minsk, it will help to get acquainted with the city, to capture its spirit. While walking there is a great possibility to become the participant of the festival, of which the city is countless. Music festival, vegetables or beekeeping are just a few of them.Biosphere Reserve, the Berezina in the outskirts of Minsk mesmerizing beauty of the Belarusian nature. Walk in the woods, to breathe to dizziness fresh air, listen to the birds singing - what else you need to create a romantic atmosphere Dating.Visit the Botanical garden of Academy of Sciences of Belarus is one of the exciting activities in the fresh air. Surrounded by rare flowers, shrubs and trees the date goes great.In Minsk there are many museums, a visit which helps to make the evening fun and memorable. It is possible to invite a girl to the Minsk Museum of modern art, the national Museum of the Republic of Belarus and Museum of Vankovichi. Versatile installation surprise even the most inveterate of visitors to museums.Stay at the Minsk sea will be remembered for his carelessness. On the beach you can take part in sports or simply soak up the rays of the sun.Drive to the Village of Smolyany is not only a country picnic and a walk, and of the history of Belarus. Majestic buildings, churches create surround this place with nothing comparable to the spirit of antiquity.If the picnic is outdoors does not appeal, you can invite a girl to one of the many cafes or restaurants of Minsk. Here you can taste national cuisine and classic European or exotic.Lovers of the night partying await the clubs of Minsk. Dankoff Club, Fabrique,Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels and other establishments pleasing variety of music and performances exciting show. You can visit the Forest billiard Hall and sauna High Fligh. Club life Minsk does not abate until the morning, and during the holidays the night sky is decorated with fantastically beautiful fireworks.

Advice 5: Where to go with children in Chelyabinsk

There are many places in Chelyabinsk, where you can spend time with the kids. Parks, zoo, theaters – anywhere you can find activities to enjoy leisure activities.
Where to go with children in Chelyabinsk
Visit animals.

The Chelyabinsk zoo is located in the Central part of the city. He is always delighted to welcome adults and children. And, although the scale can not compete with Moscow or Yekaterinburg, however, there is something to see. Snow leopard, polar bear, Amur tigers, chimpanzees and other rare animals are waiting for visitors to visit. Among other things the zoo of Cheljabinsk contact a children's town where kids can not only see the animals and feed and play with any younger brothers. You can also roll the child on the horse, send him to the Playground or in the cafeteria.
Relax with children culturally.

The city has several theatres with children's productions. At the Chelyabinsk youth theatre for kids put on plays about the Cat Leopold, Bremen's musicians, Buratino. Includes performances for school program for older children – "heart of a Dog", "the divine Comedy", "Thunderstorm". The Opera and ballet theatre you can watch with the kids musical "Cinderella", the ballet "Snow white and the seven dwarfs". Older children will surely enjoy the Opera "Eugene Onegin" or "the snow maiden". In the theater "Mannequin", located on the Pushkin street there are also performances for children.
Have fun at the holiday Park.

In the Central Park of Culture and Rest named after Gagarin, you'll be able to pleasantly pass the day with their children. There are a variety of rides – Ferris wheel, roller coaster. With young children you can head to the town of Gulliver, where the trampolines, boats and pedal cars. In the cold season in the Park you can skate on the ice rink and in summer you can rent a Bicycle or rollers. On the territory of the Park named after Gagarin is the route of the children's railway.

Advice 6: Where to go with your favorite

Want to spend original, memorable, exciting date with your loved one, but don't know where you together to go. But in any city, even a small one, there are many places where the lovers will be especially cozy.
Where to go with your favorite
Visit with your beloved is no ordinary restaurant, cafe or McDonald's, where you often with him, and a restaurant with a special cuisine, a cozy VIP-lodges, in which to hide from prying eyes. Savour gourmet French food, varied and healthy Italian, the original Japanese, exotic Chinese. Ask the waiters to bring you candles and set them on your table to create a romantic environment.
Instead of the ordinary walk in the Park, the square, go to the place where you will be asked to ride on horseback. Horseback riding is very bring people together, provide an opportunity to feel the unity with nature and a large living creature that you ride upon, to breathe fresh air, to think about a future together.
Don't forget about the opportunity to visit gaming clubs together, such as Billiards, bowling. You can play together, make a bet, show your athletic skills to the partner.
Ride in evening or night city ordered at the time of transport (taxi, limousine, coach). You will see the bustling life of the city lights and illuminated signs, and they will at this time, peacefully sipping from glasses of champagne to take with him.
Find out where in your city are held tea ceremonies according to the ancient folk customs, to visit such a ceremony together. It's a very romantic, interesting and memorable spectacle. If there is no such place, visit the coffee shop, Starbucks, where a Cup of tea can talk to the closest person in concern to both topics.
Perhaps you like a date on the roof of a skyscraper. On top of tall buildings with amazing views of the city. You can at this time to admire the city's beauties from the height of bird flight and to drink hot coffee from a thermos (drinking on the roof is better not to take).
In the warm seasons, camping overnight in a tent outside the city will be very appropriate pastime. If it's cold outside, then give preference to the Russian baths with a large swimming pool, karaoke in the lounge, a pool table, with the ability to bring you to the sauna staff hot meal or a warm herbal drink in a porcelain kettle.

Advice 7: Where to go with children in Volgograd

A trip to Volgograd with children of preschool and school age will be unforgettable at any time of the year. But especially good here happens at the beginning of June and end of August, as mid-summer is especially hot. At this time it is possible to enjoy fresh fruits and berries that grow on the fertile local land.
Where to go with children in Volgograd
Feel free to go shopping, after all, to help parents come children's playgrounds in shopping centers. For example, in the game center "Pyramid" with children will be able to remain teachers, which will help them to ride the rides and play educational games. This place is called "the Fifth element" is open every day from noon.
And in the shopping center "Park house" with the kids play real clowns. Entrust the child to the creativity of artists and the makeup, then he will be able to turn into your favorite character. There you can see the cartoon in the children's cinema-multiplex or a play in a puppet theatre. This children's Park will take parents with children from ten in the morning until ten at night.
Parents and children wonder together will spend time in Crazy Park. Stroll through the maze of "Simon", compete in accuracy balloon attraction "Ballistics", take a dip in the capsule "Mirage" in another dimension. Children's Park is open from 10-00 to 22-00 h
At any time of the year to visit the Park in Volgograd, whose prices are quite reasonable. It is situated on the banks of the Volga. There is an open summer area, and warm winter cool swimming pools with slides. This place is famous and a beautiful winter garden where you can relax in the shade of the exotic plants. There is an excellent café. The water Park is open to all from 12-00 to 24-00 h.
With preschool children you can visit theatres: the puppet or the music In puppet theatre a lot of plays that will appeal to kids from 2 to 5 years. Musical theatre a rich repertoire for mixed-age audience. Amazing music and the skill of the actors will promote the development of the musical ear of the child, the taste for theater.
With students be sure to go on a Memorable historical places of Volgograd: Mamayev Kurgan and the Panorama. It was during the war 1941-1945 in Stalingrad, now called Volgograd, were bloody battles that was a turning point in the history of the great Patriotic war on the way to Victory. You can also visit the local history museums.
Enjoy an unforgettable experience with the children at a local circus, amusement game centres "Kinomax", "Gippopo", etc. Very informative and fun to visit the Aquarium, where children and adults will enjoy familiar with marine and freshwater inhabitants. In a huge aquarium above the head of spectators float a variety of sharks and other amazing fish. In winter, take your child to one of the rollers, in Volgograd a lot. There are skates and charge for riding time.
Summer weather in Volgograd is very hot and dry. So you need to stock up on hats and to bring water supplies.

Despite the fact that Volgograd is the southern region, the winter is cold due to the strong cold winds.
Useful advice
In Volgograd many hotels and tourist centers, places which must be booked in advance by telephone.
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