Choose for your hair the right shampoo that suits your hair type. Especially focus on shampoos that says about the volume for 24 hours etc. Some of it is useful to wash my hair in the evening, and without dehydrating the hair, to go to bed – the next morning the hair will be natural, will only need to comb your hair and curl with Curling hair tips for beauty hair.
Wash understood, but it should be added that if to rinse hair decoction of nettles or burdock root, then soon your hair will be voluminous and dense. And is also helpful to RUB before washing the hair burdock oil, it strengthens the hair structure and will make your hair voluminous.
For the volume of hairstyle always effective is the use of mousses and hairspray. It's a win-win.
Drying the hair, apply the hair-foam, and spread it evenly through the hair and using a round comb and hair dryer shape the hair in the right direction. Dry from bottom of hair to the outside. For this you will need hair clips or barrettes to the top of the hair out of the way to dry the bottom layer of hair.
To fix hairstyle varnish, but if you want your hairstyle a more natural look, you can ignore this fact. Of course, the hair can be dried and no foam, but by the evening the hair under the weight of the hair will be less bulky. Foam, fix the volume for a few days. In addition, the foam strong hold dries the hair, which is very important for hair is oily.
With regard to chemical treatments, it is also an option to get the amount of hair for a few months.
But! Soon after Curling, some part of hair, the roots may break, so the wave requires a special hair care.

Lifeless dull hair even the most expensive hair masks to restore.
One of the gentle types of perms is carving the hair. This procedure is considered a long term hair styling for 4-8 weeks, thanks to which your hair is voluminous and beautiful.