You will need
  • - Hairdryer
  • - round brush large diameter;
  • liquid for laying;
  • - hairspray.
Wash your head with shampoo that adds volume. Choose a vehicle right for you - for oily, normal or dry hair. Balm or conditioner apply only to the ends of the strands, trying not to get to the roots. Otherwise the hair will become heavy, and created volume will remain not for long.
Dry your head with a towel so that the water on the hair completely gone. Wait five to ten minutes. This is to ensure that excess moisture has evaporated. Otherwise styling glue strands, and volume will not work.
Start to dry his head with the bottom strands of hair at the crown and secure with a Bobby pin, so as not to interfere. Curl spray gel for styling and wrap it over a round brush. Aim the Hairdryer on the roots first then the ends. Drive them up and down, so as not to damage your hair with hot air.
Dried loose curls, secure them with hairspray. It is better to use a medium hold, it will retain the hair and not aggravate it.
Remove the pin and dry locks in the occipital, temporal and frontal areas. Also alternately apply the liquid styling tools and wrap a round brush. Foams and gels should not be used. Their dense structure does not allow long hair to keep the volume.
Dry hair, tilt your head down. Sprinkle the curls varnish to fix the volume. For styling, placing the individual strands with a drop of gel.