To make the volume in hair roots, and below this volume kept for a long time, you need this procedure carried out on the second day after washing hair. So, the first thing you should comb the hair, then make a parting, such as straight, oblique or zigzag. As soon as the parting is ready, proceed directly to the giving volume to hair from the roots. Take a small strand of hair and take it in your left hand, right hand take an ordinary comb with teeth, place the comb so that the teeth have passed through a lock at a distance of 10-12 inches from the roots, then gently slide the comb hair root to five to seven times. Similarly proceed with the rest of the hair strands located close to the parting. Then gently, barely touching the comb to the hair, lightly comb your hair and secure the hair lacquer.

If your hair is medium length or long, you is the best fit this way to give the hair volume. First wash your hair and let them dry naturally. Then braid cornrows average thickness and leave it for a while (the longer braided pigtails, the longer it will be to keep the volume on the hair). Over time the braids rasplatita, parting, then apply on hair a small amount of liquid wax (the amount should be minimal to slightly wet hair) and comb the hair, trying to straighten the strands located on the top.

Another quite effective method to add volume to hair - dry the hair after washing in a certain way. So, wash your hair, gently dry them with a Hairdryer or allow to dry naturally, and then just braid a high ponytail, wrap head with a warm towel and go for 20-30 minutes. The passage of time remove the elastic and comb the hair. It should be noted that this method is perfectly lifts hair from the roots, but it has one drawback - the hair lasts long. If you want to give volume to hair for a long time, before drying them, they should apply a small amount of foam strong fixation.

If you have never done the volume from the hair roots, then try all of the above methods and choose the most convenient and effective.